Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Kickstarter for The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival San Pedro is LIVE! !!

The Kickstarter for The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival San Pedro is LIVE! !!

That’s right, the HPLFF-SP returns for the 7th year at the Warner Grand Theatre in historic San Pedro, California on April 29th, 30th, and May 1st..

The Imperial Dynasty of America wants YOU to help bring, ME, the Yellow bEast, to California by putting quarters (and dollar eagles! !!) in the Machine of MADNESS ! !!

WOW! Guests will include Cody Goodfellow, S. P. Miskowski, Ross Lockhart, Gary Myers, Mike Griffin, Leeman Kessler, Paul Komoda, Nick “The Hat” Gucker, Liv Rainey-Smith, Lee Joyer, among many others! !!

Chip in—make this happen…

O Masters of the Black Fires Concealed
Rise o’er the flights of dim mortals sleeping.
Nug and Yeb, Great Dragons black and red, make them
come to the fest to see the Yellow Sign
and for all new, original programming in addition to some of the finest Lovecraftian films.
O First Issue of She Who Is to Come Bearing a Thousand Young
Now lost to thy stillness of discomfort, spark thy Doom-Engines Black and Red
Instill imaginings of three days of movies, music, games, art, authors, vendors, and so much more--
O Dreadful Gods, in thy cold sepulchers deep amongst the black maze of stars,
Heed this appeal, made with arms spread wide in thy acolytes’ wanting, and arise
and tell all the maddened-children it’s like Woodstock for every Unmasked lurker
tainted by the shadowy dreams of Lovecraft……………… .


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