Saturday, August 28, 2010

A reaction to napalm doom-chords poem . . .

For Our Metalhead—Worshipping—Across the Courtyard

Night comes in, engages desires, touches worn, unfolds.

Not born to saunter while August swells, Autumn layered in textures of dust, slips, droplet by droplet, into the stillness of winter.

The silent wild transcriptions of blackness do not speak of freedom or truth or the canvas sky . . .

November is no longer daydreaming of future, or a box of iridescence.

Night comes in . . . Among the clouds, fearful, rushing, if moves away.

[Nik Bärtsch´s Ronin Modal 39_8]

Berlin 8/28/2010 10:54 pm

(c) Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. 2010

odds & stuFF . . .

This week in a nutshell:

Berlin - cold and damp.

Pulver(s) in E-book . . . news at 11 . . . Yeah, it's happening.

Finished another round of editing newest novel [TOP] and have begun my next . . . Looks like it's about a stranger in a strange land. Yes Virgina, the American night is a very strange land. Don't believe me go look out your window . . .

Have new subs ready to go out in the mail . . .

Still editing SIN . . . TYPOS :(

Listening to Scott Walker and the Doors . . . or should I say, L.A.'s Brel and Weill . . . Reality and music [and they say it's only rock and roll] . . .

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Direct sunlight . . . 74 degrees . . .

Sun came up . . . seems hours ago . . . Like that when you don't get much sleep . . . Another dark night of the soul for the history books? We'll see . . .

Editing [insert growl] . . . puttering w/ a passage from newest novel . . . maybe goes:

Moths collapsing. The moon surrenders to tears.

Birds and summer sky hide from Night’s traveling dialogue of words.

The cigarette in Cardigan’s hand turns to ashes. The empty bottle at his feet did not sail. He feels like a jigsaw piece that will never meet luck.

He lights another cigarette. Its smoke is a wedding gown that can find no harbor, or hand to take it to happiness. Wasted. It waits, thinning when no water of situation or information comes to sing to its spiraling branches.

Confusion. Once. Orientation muffling reality.

No follow me. No horn of plenty. This sea is barren.

It clings to his eyes.

Cardigan burns, slides into his soft discontent. Notices the pack is empty and the Night’s din of bitter ways has not tired of blinding hearts with dust.

He could sleep. Would like to.

But some border yet to cross will not leave the near and far of his landscape of minutes.

He wants to say, I am not like you. I am not your mirror.

Wants to.

But his tongue is an old shoe with no wings.

He stares into his hand. Asks, “Mountain, or devil?”

No reply comes.

There is a light in the distance. Where there is light there is a drink and a cash register and momentum that hasn’t lost its color . . .

A moth collapses. His last cigarette is ashes.

. . . Maybe . . . if I don't change it in the next look see . . .

Got a tale to submit to an anthology today. My 2nd Western [but that's just the stage . . . It's really nothing more than two hard men pinned to a night of hard weather . . .] . . . Kinda sick of looking at it . . . Worrying about 2 words . . . wouldn't mind if it was a whole sentence, but two words? ??

Incense for today: Rose and Sandalwood.

Music [so far]: Deaf Center. Might need a bit of Bob Seger later now . . .

Tea: black on ice.

. . . I hear tell it will be 84 here today. Better stock up on ice. [Thanks, Bob!! !]

Magpies have arrived . . . Guess they slept in . . . Can't say I blame them . . .

Now where did I leave my smokes?

Ah, there.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some recent places to find my work

again . . . NULL IMMORTALIS! !!

Des Lewis' NI is getting praised.

"Have been quietly enjoying Null Immortalis: "The Shell" is a once-in-a-century story of outstanding importance."

"There is no story which I haven't dug. A collection of smaller and greater masterpieces."

There's more, but you get the idea. 26 tales of wonder. Many may well appear on BEST OF lists when the year comes to a close. have you read this fine collection yet? You should! !!

NI is here:

Friday, August 13, 2010

SRV + Lonnie Mack = KIY

You hear a song and your mind is off . . . Strange districts, end of the line faces, rain leans in . . .

I won’t stare into her grave mouth while it dances, spreading its cruel time, and unlearn what was written in The Imperial Dynasty of America. Won’t revoke my pledge and vanish, so their world of spite and petty temptation and its stone-fist doctrine can remain and flower.

I will not be struck by their flag.

The pack is out there. Been out there half the day. Erecting a Lethal Chamber to assault my window. Posting their handbills and pronouncements. Marking things. I see it. I can hear it. Hear it twist and scar.

Do they believe their straggle of fables can astonish, or conquer, my heart and its limbs? That I am some throbbing hummingbird that must circuit the black architecture their master frightens the world with?

They circulate their war, tarnish cheeks with knots of blood . . . They only seek to bruise, to mark and encrust all light with crude. They roar from abyss-colored throats, seeking, pulling on wires, calling phantoms from the grave.

They can fish, but they won’t eat my soul.

Joni's "Coyote" just came on . . . Wonder where I'm headed? Did she just say, "eyes and lips and bones"? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

Joni fades . . . Quicksilver Messenger Service "Doin' Time in the U.S.A." rollin' over me . . . ". . . hounds in the moonlight . . ." Yeah, that's it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Write Like . . .

OK . . So I'm puttering around and find this website, I Write Like. You paste in your text and it compares it to famous authors. Yeah OK, for a laugh . . . I pump in 5 of my things, all "very" different. One's a poem.

I get --

Gertrude Stein

J. D. Salinger

Neil Gaiman



Yeah right . . . So here's to 5 minutes of laughter. Nabokov, in my dreams . . .

Care to putter?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New works . . .

Finished "Marks and Scars and Flags" [new KIY tale], "The Ozymandias Display" [yes, Shelly kicked this one into life], dusted off and finished an old Lovecraftian piece [even submitted it], had "NO HEALING PRAYERS" [guess we'll call it Lovecraftian noir] accepted for an upcoming anthology next year [can't mention the name yet, but I'm delighted to be in it]. Finished "When A Sigh Visits Skin" [dropped it in the NEXT collection file for now].

I have a new KIY tale coming in "STRANGE AEONS" #3 [SEPT 2010?][I'm super excited to have a 2nd tale of mine in this fine mag! !!]. “Dark Discoveries" magazine will have my tale, "When The Deal Goes Down" in its WINTER 2010 issue. S. T. Joshi has accepted “The Last Few Nights in a Life of Frost" for his “Weird Tales Annual” #1 [Hippocampus Press 2010] and “Hungry . . . Rats . . . “ for S.T. Joshi’s The Spawn of the Green Abyss [an anthology for Mythos Books --Fall?--2010]

Still working on 2 new short tales, and have begun writing and researching "new!" novel . . .

Working on a project w/ my friend Kelly Young. I'm over the moon for this baby!

Might have some interesting book news end of next week -- Keeping my talons crossed it plays out like I'm hoping . . .

That's the update . . .

All my bEastly best!! !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some authors Laird Barron feels should be read . . .

Laird Barron posted this list of "horror-dark fantasy authors I think you should go read" on his blog. As he says,"In no particular order and not remotely definitive:"

1. Caitlin Kiernan

2. Sarah Langan

3. Richard Gavin

4. Adam Golaski

5. Maurice Broaddus

6.Lee Thomas

7.Nick Mamatas

8. Paul Tremblay

9. Stephen Graham Jones

10. Michael Cisco

11. Gemma Files

12. Don Tumasonis

13.Tananarive Due

14. Glen Hirshberg

15. Joe Hill

16. Joe Pulver

17. Norman Partridge

18. Sarah Pinborough

19. Allyson Bird

20. Tia V. Travis

I'm delighted and then some to see my name on that list! !!

Laird's blog is here:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Des Lewis has been talking NULL . . . My turn!

Des Lewis, the editor of NEMONYMOUS (2001 - 2010), has sadly, closed the gates to this haven of wonder. But before strolling off to districts where he will, hopefully(! !!), find time to gift us w/ more of his fine fiction, he has left one last gift . . . NULL IMMORTALIS.

Look at the array of gifted writers [Reggie Oliver, Joel Lane, Gary Fry, Richard Gavin, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Mark Valentine, are but a few] who have created soul-stirring wonder and thought provoking deeps between these covers.

Those minds, those hearts—Did you sigh? I did.

Des is also doing a “real-time” review of NULL on his site, a kind of director’s commentary on the fascinating tales he’s collected for this tome. Neat idea.

As I have said many times now, I am delighted/humbled/over the moon, to have been lucky enough to have had a tale included in this marvelous collection.

Thank you, Des.

And to the writers, thank you for sharing your vision and your mighty talents! !!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surrealism! !!

There is a vast field of fantasy & whim in my heart where the surrealistic toymaker in me flies his alchemic kites . . .

Neil Coombs, the editor of PATRICIDE, has accepted 2 of my “bloom” tExts for an upcoming “Seaside” issue. To say I’m delighted is an understatement. I’m over the moon to finally see my character “bloom” [and his dips in gardens dizzy with history, its pencil of mirrors fluttering wildly] appear in print.

You can find Neil’s brilliant journal of surrealism here:

And here:!/neil.coombs

Ah, the magpies are calling, so I’m off for a stroll in the garden . . .

As Lin Carter used to say, Happy magic! !!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marks and scars and flags . . .

John Lee Hooker and John Henry on the box . . . [same old blues . . .][again]

Dusted off an old Lovecraftian fragment I had sitting 'round and finished it . . . Feels done now . . . Even "submitted" the thing . . .

Felt surrealistic for 2 minutes, spilled a new poem, something about clouds and the Owl Moon . . . That led to a Carcosan state of mind. Out came a new KIY text, "Marks and Scars and Flags" [4 pager/1,300 words]. Everytime I think I'm done w/ RWC something in a song flares and I'm on that long dark road to Carcosa again . . .

So . . . Back to my J-Horror research for "Movietime . . . with popcorn . . . and . . ." . . . And to 2 new projects, one short "Mythos" work, and my next novel.

On those ancient roads John Lee's moanin' low . . . I'm followin' . . .