Friday, December 24, 2010

SIN & Ashes is OUT! !!

my new collection SIN & ashes is now out!! !

Caligari, a clockwork Alex, Dylan, Jim Morrison, and a cast of demons and harboiled madmen [& LADIES!! !!] fill the pages of madness . . . Step right up--Come SIN like you mean it!! !

Friday, December 17, 2010

a morning in fragments . . .

tears tailored by the lonely bones of night -- the words are uncoiling, but snow white -- Needs to get BLOOD red...


eyes closer to the ♥ . . . or maybe: veins, pillar to utmost, about to speak -- flavors adored form the roots / the peacock's mouth is a torch . . . or maybe: wherever you are thrust deep . . . or maybe: clutching the blossoms of the moon . . . [This ain't poetry, it's --] :)


listening to an opera in Atlantis... fingers smeared w/ Rothko... [ah, velvet air]


     Slow and lazy.
     Little this, little yellow flowers. A soft district, no fog, no thrash, smiles you can hear in the glass windows. The bright one, simple as an escape cut into the scene—Ankles. And fragrant knees. You like her shoulders, scrubbed gently. Nice, with a little fire. You like the arrows of ready her mouth clasps. Nice how she reads. Slow. Nice little yellow print dress. Her legs make sense in it.
     Slow and lazy. Bit of this, piece of feast on her Scheherazade fingertips. Moments a little less chopped here; might be the cotton of her pulse; she twirls, her silk doesn’t bruise the secrets in your spoon. She’s a bird content with the threads you weave. Not love, but it glints with the same colors.
     Slow and lazy.
     Not writing it in the book. Not on the opulent paper. Not measuring disorder with light. Just enjoying how soft yellow is this time.


Put her on a pedestal to taste/Lovely as a mystery filled w/ the loki paths of the ♥


OK. OK. Yes, back to the editing...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

SIN is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my new collection SIN & ashes is up for pre-order at Hippocampues Press.
Other bits:

almost done w/ a draft of my LENG tale -- been a long time on this . . .

just finished a new tale called "kristamas at an exibition" -- massively fractured poetics on acid for this one.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new link to SIN

a direct link to the rave for SIN on SheNeverSlept!!! RAVES...

Alanna Quinn has reviewed SIN for SheNeverSlept & it's  RAVE ! !! I am delighted

7 DEADly SINs, hell!! ! I could never stop w/ a mere 7! !!

"STRANGE AEONS" reviews SIN & ashes

SIN & ashes has just received the following review. To say I'm delighted and humbled falls way short of understatement.


SIN & Ashes, the new collection of short stories by Joe Pulver Sr., is a heady blend of rock ‘n roll, sex, death, and insanity. Inside its pages Pulver offers us a dance through the ribbons of his mind. And we accept, because there is something about his vision of a world, so dark and yet so vividly colorful, that is impossible to resist. Each word is delivered in that uniquely poetic style of his, giving us a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of urban decay and rural despair; daring us to consider if it is really human nature that has brought us so low or if otherworldly hands from Carcosa or R’lyeh might have played some role in our downfall.

He opens with Love Her Madly, then barrels ahead like a loosed bull through a land of serial murderers and revenge and cold, cold torture. The tension ebbs and flows as the pages turn; sometimes bitter and terse, other times graceful and melodic, but in every vibrant phrase you sense a hint of something dangerous and feral, just waiting to snare you. Like the slightly too-sweet smell of fruit just before it begins to rot, his words, even when they are breathlessly beautiful, teeter on the edge of lunacy and depravity.

It’s an effect that is hard to duplicate but that just makes it all the more impressive.

The overall style of SIN & Ashes brings to mind the prose of Poppy Z. Brite. The imagery in the fantasy tale Crow in Trick Town specifically conjures memories of her work in Wormwood and Drawing Blood. It isn’t everyone who can fabricate metaphors for sounds or textures or tastes and tell us how they look or hear. That’s the realm of poetry, not storytelling, yet Pulver blends the two disciplines with expert finesse. He has a talent of giving a single word a myriad of meanings, which makes it hard to return to our reality of concrete and glass, where everything is as it looks.

Unfortunately it IS only a book and it, like everything else that is physical, can only go on for so long. However, he leaves us on a high note with a delicious closing tapestry of rock n’ roll and Robert Chambers. Fans of both will be left with such an inspiring thrill of excitement that it will ensure the next installment Joe Pulver Sr. will be met with rabid book lust.


Monday, December 6, 2010

S.T. Joshi's "Weird Fiction Review"

I just received my copy of S.T. Joshi’s “Weird Fiction Review”. Imagine my delight to have a tale in it. “W.F.R.” has new tale by Marc Laidlaw—Yeah, The 37th Mandala Marc Laidlaw! The Kalifornia Marc Laidlaw!!

—and I’m in something w/ him. No less than Ramsey Campbell called The 37th Mandala “A masterpiece.” and was he ever right! !! It remains a favorite of mine to this day.

Along w/ Marc, Cody Goodfellow [read Radiant Dawn yet people? Why the HELL not!! !] has a new tale in and there’s poetry by Ann Schwader and Tierney, and Scott Conners and Burleson have essays. And David Ho’s art – WOW! !! And it’s a Centipede Press release. Every tome released by Jerad Walters’ CP is a marvel! !!

Friday, December 3, 2010

another wee update . . .

I did a v-blog on You Tube [kiy1955 is the channel thing there] . . . MIGHT have mentioned Laird, Simon Strantzas, Hopfrog, Bob Price, S.T., Ligotti and a few others . . . MIGHT have said OCCULTATION is the collection of the YEAR [a week before the Black Quills][maybe get me a LOTTO tix]… Some out there want me to do more, but you know, some out there are WAY the hell out there . . .

Finished my new “pimps & ghouls” urban nightmare . . . Proofing it, then drop in the editor’s inbox . . . and start sweating . . .

4 might mega-talented writers are reading SIN as I type this… You want to know what’s scary!!!!!!!!! ! will have the very 1st review of SIN . . . whisper-stream says might be rave . . . Keep yer talons crossed! Mine are!! ! They will be interviewing me soon as a follow up to the review . . .

Still need to compose a list of what I have coming . . . and where . . . seems like a dozen things or so in 2011 [so far] . . .

Desktop is back up to 5 active tales . . .

There is a final tweek of SIN’s cover . . . you’ll see it soon . . .

And I started the Twitter thing . . .!/JoePulver