Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sesonal wear in Carcosa

Coming from "Super" Sam McCanna {the King of Skurvy Ink}, based on artwork by JD Busch, this little autumnal number~ ~~ Make a pot of Earl Grey, put yer tootsies up and read some Trakl (or A Season in Carcosa) while you're wearing this and yer in Carcosa...

Here's the link to {{{SKURVY INK}}} get ya one:

And you can find JD here:


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Facts from the Yellow Sheet

Yes, that's right, ASiC now has 2 book trailers.

A Season in Carcosa can be purchased from Amazon and from The Book Depository [TBD offers FREE worldwide shipping and takes Paypal as well].

Many have asked about an Ebook, MRP plans on sometime next year, but that is many months away.

We'll be sharing reviews and updates as they happen.

Autumn has now arrived. Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

You can find further details and the ToC here:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Everywhere: greyness and

H.P. Lovecraft. Karl Edgar Wagner. Peter Straub. Those are a few of the names that stand tall in our genre and when it comes to Robert W. Chambers and his King in Yellow they agree, Chambers' beguiling tales of the King In Yellow and Carcosa are among the best in "weird" fiction. Miskatonic River Press and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. are proud and delighted to present an anthology of all new tales inspired by Chambers.

In haunted and splintered minds… Minds shackled to lonely places…
In the unbound shadows infesting hearts of beautiful woman with frantic sensations…
In an old house where biblical thrived…
In threadbare truths, disturbed by despair, cobwebbed with illusions…
In far cold Carcosa…
Lies madness.

In A Season In Carcosa readers will find the strange and mysterious places of heart and mind that spring from madness, and those minds and the places touched by it are the realms that are mined. Chambers' legacy of the worms and soft decay that spring from reading the King In Yellow play stir both new and established talents in the world of weird fiction and horror to contribute all new tales that pay homage to these eerie nightmares. In Carcosa twilight comes and minds lost in the mirrors of lust and fear, are awash in legacies of shadows, not mercy. . .

Haunting the pages of this tome are the following voices:
Joel Lane"My Voice is Dead"
Simon Strantzas"Beyond the Banks of the River Seine"
Don Webb"Movie Night at Phil's"
Daniel Mills"MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room"
Gary McMahon"it sees me when I’m not looking"
Ann K. Schwader"Finale, Act Two"
Cate Gardner"Yellow Bird Strings"
Edward Morris"The Teatre & Its Double"
Richard Gavin"The Hymn of the Hyades"
Gemma Files"Slick Black Bones and Soft Black Stars"
Joseph S. Pulver, Sr."Not Enough Hope"
Kristin Prevallet"Whose Hearts are Pure Gold"
Richard A. Lupoff"April Dawn"
Anna Tambour"King Wolf"
Michael Kelly"The White-Face at Dawn"
Cody Goodfellow"Wishing Well"
John Langan"Sweetums"
Pearce Hansen"The King is Yellow"
Laird Barron"D T"
Robin Spriggs"Salvation in Yellow"
Allyson Bird"The Beat Hotel"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crandolin~ ~~ gets a cover!! !

Coming this November from Chomu Press is Anna Tambour's magcial new novel. Here's a look at the marvelous cover done by C. C. Askew.

In a medieval cookbook in a special-collections library, near-future London, jaded food and drink authority Nick Kippax finds an alluring stain next to a recipe for the mythical crandolin. He tastes it, ravishing the page. Then he disappears. So begins an adwentour that quantum-leapfrogs time, place, singularities, and Quests – from the secrets of confectionery to the agonies of making a truly great moustache, from maidens in towers to tiffs between cosmic forces. Food, music, science, fruitloopery, superstition, railways, bladder-pipes and birth-marked Soviet statesmen; all are present in an extraordinary novel that is truly for the adwentoursomme.

“Immerse yourself in the magical world of Anna Tambour’s Crandolin, a delirious journey that takes the reader through Central Asia and Russia with some fascinating strangers and a donkey, a demanding musical instrument, and delicious hints of nougat and honey.” Ellen Datlow

“By turns lyrical and absurdist, whimsical and elegantly true, Crandolin is unlike any novel you will ever have read. Anna Tambour is brilliant, a true original.” Lucius Shepard

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Demons... come by daylight

I often begin the day by sharpening my WORDpencil, just letting words go where they may. Today was no different. Didn't know what the following would be--a tale I thought, but let it go where it wanted... It decided it was not a tale, just this

The Meeting

Jimmy Webb poured me a drink. “Saw you look at her.”
I took a slip.
“Lot of us do… Have. Hard not to.”
Nodded my I guess.
I didn’t dare turn around. She’d be there, over my shoulder.
“She’s a harsh mistress.”
He didn’t say, you can’t keep the light in your pocket, even if it was true. It is.
I tried. Tried to put it in jars and turn it into words too.
Tried to make dreams out of it.
Lot of times.
On a lonesome night I put bell, book, and candle to it. My grip lasted as long as a cigarette.
Jimmy’s fingers cried on the ivories.
I wished the drink in my hand was an ocean and I had the power to not turn and look up at her.

[After Joe Cocker “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”]

 (c) 2012 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

The pic, (c) Maddie Von Stark 2012, which I adore! !!, was done by Maddie Von Stark.

You can hear the song [an old favorite I've spent a lot of time w/!! !] that inspired the text here --