Friday, April 30, 2010

Ellen Datlow

Writing in her “Summation 2009” in The Best Horror of the Year (Night Shade Books 2010), Ellen Datlow said, “Blood will Have Its Season is an ambitious debut including thirty stories and one long poem, most published for the first time. Although obliviously influenced by H. P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers, for the most part Pulver uses their influences to create potent tales of his own. A writer to keep an eye on. S.T. Joshi provides an introduction.”

Yes, I’m happy. Hell, make that, WOW!

Thank you, Ms. Datlow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hippocampus Press

Hippocampus Press has redesigned its website and updated the web-pages for my two collections, Blood Will Have Its Season (2009), SIN & ashes (2010), [and The Tindalos Cycle, in which I have two works].

You can also watch the “You Tube” v-blog, review of Blood Will Have Its Season by "Mr. Wilum" (Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire) on the new Hippocampus page. Yes, it’s a rave!

Here's the links:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tindalos Cycle

Bob's (Robert M. Price) new "Mythos Cycle" book, The Tindalos Cycle, now has a Hippocampus Press page. Long-overdue, this tome will be a fine additon his to his other wonderful "Cycle" books.

Here's the ToC:

Introduction: Chock Full o' Mutts
The Maker of Moons, Robert W. Chambers
The Death of Halpin Frayser, Ambrose Bierce
The Space-Eaters, Frank Belknap Long
The Hounds of Tindalos, Frank Belknap Long
The Letters of Halpin Chalmers, Peter Cannon
The Death of Halpin Chalmers, Perry M. Grayson
The Madness out of Time, Lin Carter
The Hound of the Partridgevilles, Peter Cannon
Through Outrageous Angles, David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ronald McDowell
Firebrands of Torment, Michael Cisco
The20Shore of Madness, Ann K. Schwader
Gateway To Forever, Frank Belknap Long
The Gift of Lycanthropy, Frank Belknap Long
The War Among the Gods, Adrian Cole
he Ways of Chaos, Ramsey Campbell
Juggernaut, C. J. Henderson
Scarlet Obeisance, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
The Horror from the Hills, Frank Belknap Long
Pompelo's Doom, Ann K. Schwader
Confession of the White Acolyte, Ann K. Schwader
When Chaugnar Wakes, Frank Belknap Long
The Elephant God of Leng, Robert M. Price
Death Is an Elephant, Robert Bloch
The Dweller in the Pot (OR, THE PASTA OUT OF SPACE EATERS) By Frank Chimesleep Short, Robert M. Price
But It's A Long Dark Road, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Nyarlatophis, A Fable of Ancient Egypt, Stanley C. Sargent
Mind-Pilot, William Laughlin

And here's the link:

And there is now a page for my new collection, SIN & ashes:

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Exham Priory Cycle

I have just been informed by master Lovecraftian editor and acclaimed-scholar, Bob [Robert M.] Price that a tale of mine will be in his upcoming The Exham Priory Cycle tome (Mythos Books 2010).

Here's the "ToC":


1. The Rat Race (Book Introduction) (Intro.Rats.doc)
2. My intro to Frazer (James Frazer.doc)
3. James Frazer, “The Myth and Ritual of Attis” (Frazer on Attis.doc)
4. My intro to S. Baring-Gould (Baring-Gould.doc)
5. Baring-Gould, “Bishop Hatto” (Bishop Hatto.doc)
6. Baring-Gould, “St. Patrick’s Purgatory” (Purgatory.doc)
7. My intro to “The Sin-Eater” (Fiona Macleod.doc)
8. Fiona Macleod, “The Sin-Eater” (The Sin.doc)
9. My intro to “Ligeia” (Edgar Allan Poe.doc)
10. Edgar Allan Poe, “Ligeia” (Ligeia.doc)
11. My intro to “The Unbroken Chain” (Irvin S. doc)
12. Irvin S. Cobb, “The Unbroken Chain”
13. My intro to “The Rats in the Walls” (Rats story intro.doc)
14. H.P. Lovecraft, “The Rats in the Wall”
15. My intro to Derleth (Whippoorwills.doc)
16. August W. Derleth, “The Whippoorwills in the Hills”
17. My intro to “Some Very Odd Happenings, etc.” (Michael Harrison.doc)
18. Michael Harrison, “Some Very Odd Happenings at Kibblesham Manor House”
19. My intro to “Cats, Rats, and Bertie Wooster” (Peter H. doc)
20. Peter H. Cannon, “Cats, Rats, and Bertie Wooster” (catsrats.rtf)
21. My intro to “Exham Priory” (prioryintro.doc)
22. Robert M. Price, “Exham Priory” (Exham Priory.doc)
23. My Intro to “… Hungry …. Rats” (Joseph S.doc)
24. Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., “… Hungry … Rats” (Hungryrats.doc)

Way I see it, that's a pretty cool ToC! !!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tea (no Earl Grey today) and cigarettes – yep, same old bEastie. Had ghouls and autumn on my mind . . . Midnight and moonlight. Thought a ghoul tale was soon to follow. Didn’t. Cemetery turned into a front porch. Ghouls became The Black Goat. Grand Funk Railroad and Joe R. Lansdale seemed to be waving at me. Gary Myers & Bob Bloch too . . . Guess that’s why I love the work so much. You hit The Zone (when you're lucky, running), got a few words on your mind, but you never know where “The Story” wants to go.

So, “NO HEALING PRAYERS” goes in the done file.

Guess I can now return to my J-Horror blood-lark, “Movietime . . . with popcorn and . . .”. Zombies & strippers & robovampire assassins . . . Might even be a chainsaw in there somewhere :) . . .

Now where was I? Oh yeah: Madame TaxiderMia (in hot-pink, leather hot pants) enters. Cue the spaghetti western soundtrack of TWANG!, reverb, and blazing Mariachi horns . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wilum Pugmire's v-blog gets BLOODy

My pal, Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, has an ongoing v-blog on You Tube. They are insightful, funny, charming, all! And Wilum has posted one about my 2009 collection, Blood Will Have Its Season (Hippocampus Press 2009).

Hopfrog: "My first praise of this magnificent book, to be followed by one or two more specific vlogs concerning actual stories. This is one of the finest new books of horror fiction -- a book that is brilliant in every way!"

You can find Hopfrog's v-blog on BLOOD here:

Thanks, Bro!


I thought, for those interested, I'd post links to interviews I've done on the net since the release of Blood Will Have Its Season.

Thomas Ligotti Online:

She Never Slept:

I also have a new one coming from Innsmouth Free Press and when it's up and there's an URL, I'll let you know.

All my bEastly best,


Joe R. Lansdale speaks to SNS

Need a little mojo?

Well, there's a bunch to be had over at SNS . Why you ask? Well, Sarah interviews one of my literary heroes, Joe R. Lansdale.

His Drive In books, Hap & Leonard, and the incredible body of short stories, Lansdale is a true American treasure, and one of the best storytellers we have. Horror, noir, action, satire, he's got it all and much more.

Go see for yourself. Run over to your bookcases and pull out some Joe and experience wonder again! But read the interview first.

Thanks, Sarah! And thanks, Joe! !!

You can find Joe here:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ellen Datlow’s “Honorable Mentions” for 2009

Ellen Datlow, editor of the BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR series and many other wonderful anthologies, has posted her “Honourable Mentions” list. It is in two parts at

Every year writers await her list. Hoping, wishing. Looks like my birthday came early this year. Thank you, Ms. Datlow.

Ms. Datlow listed the following stories of mine as Honorable Mentions:

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “A Night of Moon and Blood,Then …,”Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “An American TangoEndinginMadness,”Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “And She Walks Into the Room…” Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Blood Will Have Its Season,” Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Carl Lee & Cassilda,” Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Erendira,” Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “One Side’s Ice, One’s Fire,” Blood Will Have Its Season.

Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Stone Cold Fever” Blood Will Have Its Season.

8! WOW!! !! I'm proud and delighted to have so many listed.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Laird Barron

Critically acclaimed and award winning author, Laird Barron (The Imago Sequence & Other Stories, Night Shade Books 2007 ) (Occultation, Night Shade Books 2010), has kindly consented to pen the intro for my new collection, SIN & ashes (Hippocampus Press 2010).

As I have stated in the past, Laird is among the finest writers working in the field today. From sage-keen observations to eloquent wordsmithing abilities that stir and inspire, and extraordinary storytelling, his work is that of an unerring master! !!

His new collection, Occultation, will be out next month. Fans of dark fantasy and horror will need this book! ‘nuff said!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

S.T. Joshi's Black Wings

S. T. Joshi’s BLACK WINGS [PS Publishing 2010] has come. Caitlin Kiernan, Michael Cisco, Laird Barron, Nicholas Royle, Michael Shea, William Browning Spencer, David J. Schow, Ramsey Campbell, and Wilum Pugmire, are some of the exceptional talents contributing to this Lovecraftain anthology of new tales. To have a tale of mine in this book alongside the work of these writers is a rare pleasure for me. It is also my 1st appearance in hardcover.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laird Barron

Laird Barron has a new collection coming out soon. Rejoice! !! His last, The Imago Sequence, was a major work and I expect this tome to be every bit as wonderful.

Surfing around, looking for info on his new book, Occultation, coming in May, I happened upon this posting on his blog.

“This isn't intended to be comprehensive, but here's a list (and feel free to add names in the comments) of some horror authors who've emerged over the past ten plus years. Any new writers looking to see who and what is shaping the horror field could do worse than to start here.* Note: these aren't horror authors per se, but individuals who have done significant work in the horror/dark fantasy field of late and whom I've personally enjoyed. In no particular order: Don Tumasonis Kelly Link Nathan Ballingrud Sarah Langan Charles Coleman Finlay Gemma Files Reggie Oliver Liz Williams Lee Thomas Nate Southard Lucy Sussex Mike Allen Barbara Roden Tom Piccirilli John Langan Cat Rambo (very little horror, but her work on the Surgeon's Tale with Jeff V. is amazing and there's a pretty dark undercurrent in a lot of her stuff)) Matt Cardin Jeff VanderMeer Elizabeth Bear Andy Duncan Anna Tambour Glen Hirshberg Stephen Graham Jones Joe Pulver Darren Speegle Gary Braunbeck Melanie Fazi Joe Hill Lynn Cesar Jennifer Pelland Wilum Pugmire (Wilum has been established for a while, but I sense he's recently come into more popularity) Caitlin Kiernan Sarah Monette Paul Tremblay Ed Morris Michael Kelly F.Brett Cox Michael Cisco Adam Golaski Joe Hill Norm Partridge ( I think Norm may have gotten his start a bit farther back, but he's another who's made his bones in the last decade) M. Rickert Nick Mamatas Lucy Corin Margo Lanagan Cody Goodfellow Melanie Tem Steve Rasnic Tem Steve BermanRay Vukcevich Claudia O'Keefe Albert Cowdrey Maurice Broaddus Will Ludwigsen Livia Llewellyn Nick Kaufmann (Richard Gavin Ian Rogers Simon Strantzas) AKA The Canadians Holly Phillips Dale Bailey Conrad Williams Simon Bestwick Elizabeth Hand Sarah Pinborough Mike O' Driscoll Stewart O'Nan George Saunders Nicholas Royle Joel Lane Gary McMahon Allyson Bird Marly Youmans Terry Lamsley PD Cacek Jeffrey Thomas Dale BaileyDaniel Abraham . . .”

Kiernan, Hand, Cisco, Roden, Langan, Bear, Link, Hill, Royle, Files, Tem, Lane, among others, well I’m delighted (and floored!) to see my name on that list w/ talent of that caliber. In my book, Kiernan, Hand, and Cisco, as well as Barron himself, (along w/ Tom Ligotti) are the finest writers working in the field.

Thanks, Laird.

Laird’s blog is here:

Bellmojo Productions

Bellmojo Productions, fans and supporters of literary powerhouses like Harlan Ellison, Vachss, Joe R. Lansdale, and Robert Bloch, posted a link to my interview w/ Sarah L. Covert of She Never Slept. And they posted a very kind comment. Thanks, Bellmojo!! !!

Sarah’s here:

Bellmojo is here: