Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coming soon . . .

In addition to my new collection SIN & ashes, I have a tale coming in the 1st issue of “STRANGE AEONS” magazine [formerly “Planet Lovecraft”] this spring.

My Lovecraftian tale, “Engravings” will appear in S.T. Joshi’s Black Wings [PS Publishing 2010]

Bob Price’s The Tindalos Cycle will contain a tale and a poem by me [Hippocampus Press 2010]

S.T. has accepted my tale, “The Last Few Nights in a Life of Frost" for his “Weird Tales Annual” #1 [Hippocampus Press 2010]

And my tale, “Hungry . . . Rats . . . “ will appear in S.T.’s The Spawn of the Green Abyss [Mythos Books 2010]

I am just finishing the last pages of my new novel, The Orphan Palace. More on TOP later . . .

I also have a few literary irons in the fire I can’t mention yet . . . One of which is a book length work . . .

Wilum Pugmire, Nightmare's Crusader! !!

a certain Mr. Hopfrog, Esq. has [on alt.horror.cthulhu] come to the defense of my novel, Nightmare's Disciple. Mighty nice of him! !! Let's hope he soon posts a review of ND on Amazon, or does a vblog for it!!! If you have not seen any of his delightful Mr. Wilum's vblogs, you NEED too! !! [look for Mr. Wilum on YouTube]

"I have read NIGHTMARE'S DISCIPLE three times, & with each reading I enjoy it
more and more. It has some structural problems (it's too long, needs
editing; and the raves about modern culture can at times distract from
the core of the novel), but for a first novel it is quite good, so
well written that it is no surprise that Joe sold it to a professional
publisher. I have a dislike for extreme violence in horror fiction,
yet Joe's book is such from from a Mythos point of view that it kept
me reading -- and then rereading. It's the first thing that Joe ever
wrote, and he wrote it extremely well. I felt that S. T. Joshi's
comments on the book were tainted a lot by his (then) keen dislike of
and disinterest in the Cthulhu Mythos as a subgenre; yet even in what
was not a favorable review, S. T. could not help but praise portions
of the book: "And yet, Pulver is a good writer. When not riding his
Mythos hobby-horse, he can produce such passages of quiet eloquence as
this, describing his ageing police detective: 'Thirty-two somehow
became forty-three as he watched the years pass--some in the bottle,
all in pain--leaving few dreams and no illusions. Now the files and
photos spread across the desk in his den were fast removing what
little remained of his battered belief in human decency.' With more
prose like this, and with a little less piling on of the Mythos,
Pulver could do highly creditable work." And yet it is the mentions
of the Mythos in the book that keeps me returning to it, I find them
fun and fascinating. And the book's nasty villain is a powerful
evocation of what a lunatic murderer corrupted by cosmic evil would
be -- he is perfectly portrayed. I've been meaning to write a review
of this book at Amazon, where it has received twenty-five or so
"reviews" thus far, some of which call the book a loser, most of which
are favorable (one calls it the best book they ever read!). The great
news is that Joe is now working on a new novel. of which I know no
details but I somehow doubt that it will be tied to the Mythos; & a
second collection of weird tales is forthcoming from Hippocampus!

THANKS, Hopfrog!!You ROCK!

All my bEastly best,


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Info on SIN & ashes

Info on SIN & ashes: It is approx. 105,600 words, and contains 52 texts.

The ToC:

Love Her Madly
She’s Waiting . . .
First There Is A Mountain . . . Then
In This Desert Even The Air Burns
Even Night
When The Deal Goes Down
Devil’s Got the Walkin’ Blues
Dead ‘Round Here Tonight
The Delirium of a Worm-Wizard
As The Sun Still Burns Away
Caligari, again
When The Moon Comes To Call
After Reading Michaux’s “In the Land of Magic”
The Walking Man Walks
The Maiden of the Pines
Last Year In Carcosa
Scarlet Obeisance
Rendezvous Under Shadow Bridge
in front of an empty house in dead city
Perfect Grace
Kynothrabian Dirge
The Exorcism of Iagsat
Lonesome Separate Ways
Just Another Desert Night With Blood
After Death
I Often Dreams Of Words
Forever Changes
Zarnak's Guest
Mother Stands For Comfort
Blow Wind Blow
8’s & Aces
A One Way Fare
Don’t Look Back
Long is the way and hard . . .

A Night of Moon & Blood,
Then Holstenwall

huddled in rags in a Kingsport alley . . .
Dead Ends And Empties
Sharp Fangs + Blood = Murder
Saint Nicholas Hall
Funeral In A Hate Field
An Orange Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick
The Last Few Nights In A Life Of Frost
To Live And Die In Arkham
The Last Twenty Miles of Wandering Again

All my bEastly best! !!


SIN & ashes

Greetings! !!

My new collection, SIN & ashes, will be published late this fall by Hippocampus Press. Like my last Hippocampus collection, Blood Will Have Its Season, this one will be edited by S.T. Joshi.

All my bEastly best,