Sunday, January 30, 2011

AKLO Press

A new press is coming!

AKLO Press! !!

Yes, my paws are helping building this new dArkness, and I'm delighted to be allowed to play in the fields of madneSS! !!

Get ready to SCREAM - There will be more news and tidnits VERY soon...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

new tales...

My latest tales are getting a bit longer. Comes a bit of a surprise to me as most of my things have grown shorter and shorter in the last few years.

“And this is where I go down into the darkness” 10,000 words
“Before and After Science” 4,200 words
“The Corpse-Eating Cult of Leng” 15,600 words
“Reprieve Eve No. 33” 4,200 words
“the guilt of each… at the end…” 5,200 words

Had started thinking 3,000 words was a HARD new rule :)

All of these tales have been submitted and 3 have been accepted for upcoming anthologies.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ellen Datlow's The BEST Horror of the Year #3

Here is the ToC --

At the Riding School by Cody Goodfellow

Mr. Pigsny by Reggie Oliver

City of the Dog by John Langan

Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls by Brian Hodge

Lesser Demons by Norman Partridge

When the Zombies Win by Karina Sumner-Smith

-30-by Laird Barron

Fallen Boys by Mark Morris

Was She Wicked? Was She Good? by M. Rickert

The Fear by Richard Harland

Till the Morning Comes by Stephen Graham Jones

Shomer by Glen Hirshberg

Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside by Christopher Fowler

The Obscure Bird by Nicholas Royle

Transfiguration by Richard Christian Matheson

The Days of Flaming Motorcycles by Catherynne M. Valente

The Folding Man Joe R. Lansdale

Just Another Desert Night With Blood by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Black and White Sky by Tanith Lee

At Night When the Demons Come by Ray Cluley

The Revel by John Langan

That is an amazing array of talent and I'm am delighted and over the moon to be lucky enough to be in this book.

Thank you, Ellen! !!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SIN & ashes

please chime in...

'It’s no longer a matter of publishing a book nowadays—it’s all about ‘the reader experience.’... Is. That said, I love to hear from the readers. Love to see posts/comments and reviews [on FB, at Amazon, on blogs, etc]... I just write 'em, you determine what they do after they leave my hands...

There is nothing stronger than word of mouth. If you liked BLOOD or SIN and feel they have merit please review them mention them, put up reviews...

Danke!! !

Saturday, January 22, 2011

on the horizon...

S. T. Joshi's anthology of Cthulhu Mythos fiction, Spawn of the Green Abyss, by Mythos Books. Spawn of the Green Abyss is an anthology of S. T.'s "favorite" Cthulhu Mythos tales...


"The House of the Worm," by Mearle Prout

"Far Below," by Robert Barbour Johnson

"Spawn of the Green Abyss," by C. Hall Thompson

"The Deep Ones," by James Wade

"The Franklyn Papers," by Ramsey Campbell

"Where Yidhra Walks," by Walter C, DeBill, Jr.

"Black Man with a Horn," by T. E. D. Klein

"Nethescurial," by Thomas Ligotti

"Black Brat of Dunwich," by Stanley C. Sargent

"The Phantom of Beguilement," by W. H. Pugmire

"...Hungry...Rats," by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. (original to this edition)

"Virgin's Island," by Donald Tyson (original to this edition)

"In the Shadow of Swords," by Cody Goodfellow (original to this edition)

yep. new one by me. delighted!! ! yes, it's a sequel to HPL's "Rats"...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Interviewed by Unfilmable...

SIN & ashes
is out and there's interrest, so Unfilmable interviewed me... Might have had a bEastly word or 6 'bout the King In Yellow... and my SINs :)

My thanks to Kelly Young for his questions, and to Unfilmable's silghtly-crazy, master of what's what in the realm of Lovecraftian cinema, Craig!! !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kristin Prevallet & Thomas Ligotti

My tExt, "Before And After Science" [a RIFF off HPL's "AtMoM"] quotes one of my favorite poets, Kristin Prevallet. I was delighted to receive permission to use many quotes from her wondrous and inspiring Perturbation, My Sister--that's a BIG YAYyyyY!! !!

I have also been gifted by Tom Ligotti. He has kindly given me permission to quote from his "CATHR" in my new text, "And this is where I go down into the darkness", comissioned by Bob Price for his upcoming anthology, The Lurker At The Latch.

bEast is vEry happy!! ! vEry! !!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wiki stuff


A major update here [thanks to LL]... Stuff I don't remember... You write 'em then move on...

And the desktop says there's more coming/to add... a lot more...


"Strange Aeons" just came to Berlin... The pages are like black wings, joyously spread... And among the feathers there is a tale by me [a colab w/ a certain Mr. K.Y.], a RAVE review of SIN & ashes [Can I hug the reviewer? ?? PLEASE!! !], and an add for SIN to boot -- DAMN GREAT MAG!! !! My thanks to Kelly & Rick, the mad geniuses behind this frenzy of horror.

Special thanX [and a bEastly hug] to Lee Davis for the art!! !!

Lot of scary goodness this issue -- Cover by Mike Dubisch [2 paws way up!!!], Goodfellow & Gucker [mo FAB!! !][makes me sick to think how much talent these 2 have and they are NOT sharin' it w/ yer bEastie!! Just might tell my old pal Cthulhu 'bout that...], and a LOT mo! !!

Don't know "SA"? Well, think "Heavy Metal" in bed w/ "EERIE", get yer HPL up in it -- there ya go. Cookin' now!! !! The link to "SA" is right there. Go ck it out! !! The power company will thank you for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 I forgot...

Also coming...

“the guilt of each… at the end…” in Urban Cthulhu 2011

“kristamas as an exhibition” in AKLONOMICON 2011

SHOCKED I forgot these 2. "kristamas" was tons of fun -- I love letting it all hang out this way. Of late, this is one of a few things I'm happy w/. Happy as I ever get w/ them . . . Also KK is a wonderful sweet lady and it was so nice of her to allow me to play w/ her dreams [and nightmares!!] HuggSSsssss, K! !!

What's he building in there? Well...

Some the things I have coming...

One of my texts from SIN & ashes will be appearing somewhere INTERESTING soon... More when I'm allowed. I'll be posting the "ToC" for this book as soon as it is released! !!

I have a tale in Historical Lovecraft, coming from Innsmouth Free Press later this year.

Also have a new tale in Kevin Ross and Miskatonic River Press's Dead But Dreaming 2.
My "long" LENG tale has been accepted by Bob Price for his upcoming The Secret Heart Of Asia tome coming from Mythos Books in a bit.

The E-book of Blood Will Have Its Season is due very soon. As is the E-book and print book of Nightmare's Disciple [this time w/ Bob Price's introduction, and a new 10 years after text by Bob].

Submitted a number of things, so we wait...

a taste of SIN & ashes

Here's a few excerpts from my new collection SIN & ashes...

After Reading Michaux’s “In the Land of Magic”

The night is ice

& full of eyes. Winds that will not cure speak of November.

There are no white halls in the hostelry. The tin ceilings are low, the

carpets an exaggerated foliage of blunt faces. The wallpaper is sick

with the smell of twilight spreading endlessly.

Even the shadows rot.

Up forty-one stairs that whisper like migraines to a door closed on

the rumors and fragile madness of the stiff warblers outside. Behind

the stained and chipped panel with the tarnished knob and the loose

bolt that passes for a lock, the smallest rented room. Below, the Tavern

of Ruin, where time & dreams happened a long time ago. Sitting

on the edge of the bed where a restless thousand have disintegrated, a

curled figure in threadbare clothes

—his consciousness no more fluent than a haze of aimless dust—

gazes at a flat spot on the wall where a soft avalanche of hollowness

reaches out. The man named Uphill isn’t paralyzed, simply too empty

to move. Lost to his ordeals in the abyss he’s even forgotten the little

secrets children consider run-of-the-mill, forgotten all phenomena

not terrible . . .

(C) 2010 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

8’s & Aces

No whiskey. No days at the track these days . . . Pool in the backroom

of O’Connell’s Grill, no.

No pussy.

Crusin’ all those nights, up and down the strip in the souped-up

Chevelle—hopin’ for easy and cash and speed and surprise parties

with dancing and honey and big comfortable summer with bells and

the top down and everything in the whole god-damn world placed at

their feet . . .

Misadventure ringing, lost that map.

Outta laughs . . .

They wander ended story to story run its race. Simon Bartholomew

Wormwood . . . Annabelle Buck . . . Starling, Snow, Cotton Fulton

II and Case and Joris and Porfats and Polliards and Barretts and

Burgess and Estrada . . . and 137 others. All have reached their destination.

Many were not whole when they got there . . .

Plank and the Belldog steal from the Lord. They get born, live for

a time and come here in the end.

In the old lives they robbed graves for gems and jewels and rings

and bodies to sell. In this incarnation—after a night, many, many

years ago, of drunken missteps—they steal from graves. They skip the

gems and jewels, pass on the rings or just throw them out, they’re after

bodies. Dinner.

No bones to gnaw on in the casket of Sarah Joris. Plank spits at

the moon for enjoying the defeat.

“I eat one of yer old boots if you hadn’t burned them last winter,”

The Belldog said.

“Reanimated in the odors of death and twenty years on I still

have to hear about them shitty boots.”

(C) 2010 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

huddled in rags in a Kingsport alley . . .

(for Julia)

The ebb and flow of lips twisted by gin . . .

Wounded tongues . . . Drifting, whispering . . . Needing more . . .

Fingers snarling with lust . . .

No hiding places . . .

Crying things that cannot sleep . . .

Mouths haunted by vice . . .

Ships that glide on currents of blood . . .

A drunken musician swallows a gutter of degenerate urges. Its

sunless silence severs the prayers from his open mouth . . .

There are no hiding places . . .

The scent of pleasures burning . . .

In their bridal chambers, new corpses lie bent by the dirty kisses of

blackness . . .

There are no hiding places . . .

The sea is rising . . .

Kingsport’s dark sky answers no questions . . . Its frozen breast of

rust is the flag of the bleak . . . Swollen beaks from the rim of death,

drape change over the scarecrow-husks hiding in the sludge of madness

. . . Wind, scraped with ghost static, delivers rodent eternities that leak

blackened colors . . .

Kingsport and all its voiceless boundaries of rain and scaffolds of

assassin-shadows are mad things. Its winter mouths—nests of blackblack-

black, cold as the ice of oblivion-eroded dead mother poems—visit

the throats

(C) 2010 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.


Straight rain. Mean and murderous. Its eyes screaming for blood.

Denver faded three hundred miles back. Three hundred miles of

wet asphalt back . . . It could have been a thousand . . .

Rain. Mean and murderous—Engraving the world with sheets of

thorns. Rain. Screaming like the Old Man on a gin bender. Screaming

like the Old Man before the belt and the fists.

Thirty years back . . . Or it could have been yesterday.

This run was supposed to end in the desert, not in a ditch. But

the clock pressed. Tick-tock/tick-tock. Like a boss with eyes that

only said FASTER.

He needed coffee and a pack of smokes. Maybe some eggs and

toast . . . And something other then this Bible-thumping Forever that

poured out of the radio. A nice sexy waitress—not some upper-class

package with radar eyes searching for money, but earthy—knowing,

with blue eyes and a big butt that swayed. Not unkempt and worn,

but nice and maybe with a little extra. And she would wink all-sexylike

when she refilled his coffee.

Rain—full throttle, carrying violence with each slap. Like the Old

Man crossing the hardwood floor.

For the last fifty miles or every step he’d ever taken.

Broken. The knobs wouldn’t work. He couldn’t turn the fuckin’

radio off or down. The wipers working overtime, fighting off this

wallop of darkness.

He should pull over and wait it out. But he needed a smoke and

needed to be warm. Wanted . . . Wanted something to look at that didn’t

hurt his strained eyes. Wanted to hear something—someone other than

Rev. James Theodore Ellison’s promise to heal you if you sent him

money. To be healed by money. That’s what got him here.

(C) 2010 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Friday, January 14, 2011

BEST of the YEAR? ??


SIN & ashes is up for BEst of the YEAR!! !!

I happy-happy PLEASED 'bout dat! !!

when it gets to voting, please Vote like you mean it! !!


Here's the cover and the ToC for forthcoming anthology Dead But Dreaming 2, edited by Kevin Ross. It's from Miskatonic River Press soon.

The table of contents is:

Foreword: Messrs. Cthulhu and Lovecraft Have Arrived", Kevin Ross

"Taggers", Walt Jarvis

"The Unfinished Basement", William Meikle

"Plush Cthulhu", Don Webb

"Class Reunion", Darrell Schweitzer

"First Nation", Scott David Aniolowski

"Your Ivory Hollow", Wilum Pugmire

"The Spell of the Eastern Sea", Michael Tice

"Dark Heart", Kevin Ross

"Transmission", T.E. Grau

"N is for Neville", John Goodrich

"The Timucuan Portal", Daniel W. Powell

"No Healing Prayers", Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

"The Dissipation Club", Adrian Tchaikovsky

"Lure", David Annandale

"The Call", Rick Hautala

"Christmas Carrion", Donald R. Burleson

"The Depopulation Syndrome", Erik T. Johnson

"Uncle Sid’s Collection", Cody Goodfellow

"Father’s Day", Brian Sammons

"Innsmouth Idyll", Darrell Schweitzer

"The Hour of Our Triumph", Will Murray

"Here Be Monsters", Pete Rawlik

It goes without saying, I'm delighted to be part of this anthology.

Here's a publisher Lovecraftians needs to keep their eyes on! !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hear Bob read this text of mine at MythosCon...

"The Black Litany of Nug & Yeb" is an old text of mine from the Book of Eibon. Read by Bob Price, this was released on the STRANGE AEONS cd by Steve Lines...

Also heard it was a bit frightening when Bob read it as part of the Prayer Breakfast at MythosCon :)

Still remember Bob asking me to put on my Dr. Strange cape and whip up some spells for EIBON -- it was great fun! !!

more WORDS...

Joyce was in that bed—beating her wings—before they swallowed her

The hum of the black dog song. Chain gang chant.

Joyce was waiting for peacocks and confetti. And splendor. She had yellow fever, the carnival—small hours-masked people-spoonfuls and centuries-the immobile sky—danced in her

Kathleen was there; quiet mostly. Bed on yonder sothen wall, at the bottom of the world, some dog in a jailhouse. The little drops would not let her go... Spider came walked away with all her time. Left a change in the air

Nova cried. Kathleen wasn’t even 40. Didn’t even look 30. Too young. “Way too fucking young to be stripped and pushed.” Way too pretty to be cast into that hell. Nova cried. She was way too pretty—she had a shine she’d taken a shine to—and quiet and too nice to have them overturn her. And Christ, all that talent

Bastard just clapped his hands, took Jayne (still hanging on to St. Christopher) too—Who knows to what harbor of oily night. Took her right off the vine—down-down-down

empty beds

sank all those ships

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unfilmable SINs ...

My pal, Craig, over at UNFILMABLE has a new post for my new collection SIN & ashes ...

He is sharing some excerpts & a wee, well, new thing ...

CK it out!! !

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bob Price's Secret Heart of Asia

here's a sneak at the FINAL "ToC" for Bob Price's new Secret Heart of Asia

Ernest J. Fischer, “The Event at Gangew Taundon” 23 pp

Michael Fantina, “Leviathan” 21 pp
Pierre Comtois, “Masks of the Puppet Lord” 36 pp
Ben P. Indick, “The Monster in the Lake” 7 pp
Ann K. Schwader, “The Death Verses of Yian-Ho” 11 pp
Leigh Blackmore, “The Return of Zoth-Ommog” 23 pp
Lin Carter & Laurence J. Cornford, “The Doom of Enos Harker” 16 pp
Richard A. Lupoff, “Steps Leading Downward” 25 pp
Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., “The Corpse-Eating Cult of Leng” [14,300+ words]
Stephen Mark Rainey, “Warlords of Leng”
Will Murray, “God General Nakji”

vEry glad to be in this one! !
Mythos Books. Sorry, I do not have a date on it yet. More where I know!! !


Sunday, January 2, 2011

BEST list... bottom of the 9th shocker! !!

OK, excited [yeah-yeah, I know, what's new? ??] so this will be . . . babbling...

I'm a flatout wacko Laird Barron fan -- everyone is [or should be!]!! ! Proud I'm one!! ! So I see a link to an LB interview I missed well, I'm on it. If you know Laird you know he's worth reading even if he merely whipped up the phone book for the dArk District. So I'm reading, nodding my yep & yes to his observasions and comments! !! and then I see my name . . .

Heart stops. Breathing? What's that? & HUH??  Blink 27 yimes, yep name's still right there. Pulver. Pulver?

OK, yep, he penned the intro to my new book [talk about lucky!! and honored & humbled!]. You'd think after the praise in his intro to SIN, no big deal -- W R O N G! I found myself shocked and amazed [and D E L I GH T E D as hell times 7,982]  to see ME near the end . . . Yeah, that was me you heard shout What The--!! ! Had it been you, you would have as well. Why? Easy. Along w/ Kiernan and Liz Hand he is part of my trinity -- those still w/ us and working. They are the masters of the field I toil in, to me anyway, you're free to pick yer own. So to have one of them say I'm of note is simply mind blowing! !!

Guess you can tell I have not got used to praise yet -- Shoot me if I do!!  Yeah, even after Ligotti, Price, Datlow, Joshi, and other notables I'm not used to it...

So bottom of the 9th we get his rec list -- S G Jones, & Tremblay, yep, scary-ass monster wordsmiths! !! John Langan, hell yes!! Bet his middle name is, Chops-to-burn! Straub, name covers it -- 'nuff said! Don't know Ms. Llewellyn, but she's damn sure on my list. & I have not had the chance yet to read Ms. Langan but will - have wanted to for a while... Some list.

I could rant for another 10 pages, but I'll shut up. Go read Laird. CK out who he recs, they ARE worth your time and money! And if you decide to take a lookie-see at SIN I hope you too find it of merit.

Last word -- Thanks, Laird. Thanks.

SIN & Ashes is OUT! !!

Forgot: another NEW tExt coming...

I have a new work, "kristamas as an exhibition", inspired by the beguiling work of Kristamas Klousch. It will appear in editor, Ivan McCann's new collection AKLONOMICON coming later this year. & I have the great luck & joy of her art appearing w/ the tExt! !! YAYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYY Y!! !

Want to see wonder? ?? Go here! !!

I WILL have a lot more to say about this collection soon!! ! Looking like it may blow a few minds! !! HINT: maybe Spriggs, Strantzas, Gavin, Krall, Cook, Gucker, . . . :)

I AM excited! !! Come March or so when you see the "ToC" you might whoopie a YAY or 6 as well! !!

What's he doing in there . . .

My story is as plain as that door. There is the side you see and this side--

I have penned a tAle/tExt inspired by HPL’s “atMoM”. It is called, “Before and After Science”. Even submitted it . . .

A look behind the curtain [one of them] can be found here --

My Tale “No Healing Prayers” has been accepted for Kevin Ross’ DEAD BUT DREAMING 2 coming from Miskatonic River Press later this year. More on the "ToC" when I know...

MRP is here --

Working on a HUGE pile of things [from “something” classic/sort of/ to Bizzaro to sheer Pulverian]. . . some are colabs . . . many may be STrange, even for me . . .

Many new things will be appearing thi
s year. Many. More than a few new thing
s have been submitted, we’ll see what happen
s . . .

My new collection, SIN & ashes, is out. It has received a fair bit of praise so far. LAIRD BARRON penned the intro for SIN – Yep. Cool as hell! !!

You can get SIN here --

I have an author page on Amazon as well...

Some praise [a 5star rave] for SIN can be found here --

[I hear more praise for SIN is coming soon]. I'll keep you posted.

I have a new thing [a colab] in the next issue [#4] of STRANGE AEONS...

Nightmare's Disciple and Blood Will Have Its Season are being prepared for E-books [pity the poor editor! !!]. They will be coming soon from Speaking Volumes. ND will also be a old school print book. ND will contain [FINALLY!! !] Bob Price's "original" introduction [which was not included in the Chaosium edition], and a new 10-years-after-look at ND by Bob. Maybe an afterword by me? ??

More when I can remember what I was going to say, and SEE what’s what on this mess of a desktop... Looks like a lot of !active!! things squirmin' 'bout there...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! !