Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Ladies Night~ ~~

    The cover for CASSILDA'S SONG anthology is being worked on (we hope to reveal it soon), as are the contracts (they’ll start going out this week)… and it seems, we now have our final Table of Contents ~ ~~

    Black Stars on Canvas, a Reproduction in Acrylic … Damien Angelica Walters
    She Will Be Raised a Queen … E. Catherine Tobler
    Yella … Nicole Cushing...
    Yellow Bird ... Lynda E. Rucker
    Exposure … Helen Marshall
    Just Beyond Her Dreaming … Mercedes Murdock Yardley
    In the Quad of Project 327 … Chesya Burke
    Stones, Maybe … Ursula Pflug
    Les Fleurs Du Mal … Allyson Bird
    While The Black Stars Burn … Lucy A. Snyder
    Old Tsah-Hov … Anya Martin
    The Neurastheniac … Selena Chambers
    Dancing The Mask … Ann K. Schwader
    Family … Maura McHugh
    Pro Patria! … Nadia Bulkin
    Her Beginning is Her End is Her Beginning … E. Catherine Tobler & Damien Angelica Walters
    Grave-Worms … Molly Tanzer
    Strange is the Night … S.P. Miskowski

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The House of Hollow Wounds Book Tour

I’ve been informed that last night, my publisher sat w/ Borges and an unnamed administrator of the CONET PROJECT, sipping a homebrewed potion (they’d whipped up in the  slopsink of the 2nd floor bathroom), and THEY DECIDED, the only way to rack-up sales for my new collection of weird fiction, was for de bEast to take it on the road. Yeah, that’s right, readings in off-the-beaten-path & hitherto-unknown libraries (where Ellroy & VanderMeer & Jean Ray [if he was still around] and the other giants wouldn’t set foot for hugepiles-of-dollareagles), and dusty(indie)bookstores (you know the ones you find behind gas stations and above pawnshops that cater to the Satanik), and the nighttime backrooms of ginmills. They also concluded these appearances should take place in every state of The Union. So P’uuly-verre gets to take his manycolored-show of stained translations on the road – 50 days! 50 States! Will there be rain in Pageant, Kentucky? Grey in Spriggs, Texas? Gaudy statements, seething w/ tragic in Soul Francisco? Creepy, crawly in Sleepy Hollow?  Yup. Will I quote KEW, and tip my hat to Goodis and C’ys-khone? Bet yer skinnybottom, I sho ‘nuff will!

Maps and directions to our first shindig have been printed on (pulp-grade) handbills, which you can find in various interstate rest rooms. Pick one up, translate it w/ your exclusive decoder of all things hush-hush, and drop by this evening. Refreshments will be served.

We will be repeating this message, or one very similar, tomorrow, before our next stop on the House of Hollow Wounds tour!