Saturday, March 17, 2012

TOP gets an award has given my novel, The Orphan Palace, the 20111 "Ultimate Nightmare" award.

You can find their rave review at this link:
TOP's publisher, Chomu Press, has also won an award for best publisher. Take a look at their disquieting and venturous titles and you'll see why! Cisco's The Great Lover, Reed's Here Comes The Nice! My deepest thanks to Quentin and the staff at Chomu for publishing TOP, and for all their other marvelous releases.

Congrats to all the other winners!! !
The Orphan Palace also recieved a good review from "Weird Fiction Review".

Other news: A Season In Carcosa will soon be heading to the publisher, Miskatonic River Press, for its Summer 2012 release.

And my new collection, Portraits of Ruin, is coming in from Hippocampus Press in April. PoR can be pre-ordered now. PoR has an introduction by Matt Cardin and Tom Ligotti and the following to say:

"Let us posit that Bukowski is the sun. Or Brautigan, Burroughs and the Beats—a solar Coney Island of the Mind where Timothy Leary’s dead and dead Cthulhu waits and sings the live long daydream believer. Then Joe Pulver’s Portraits of Ruin would be the burst of planets, Big Bang-Bang, Marquee Moons hanging on for what they got, scream of consciousness—in Outer Space no one can hear it . . . except Coffin Joe, Monster Mash Potato that big ol’ Portraits of Ruin—Mars needs it, you need it, so just open the lid and shake your fist—then say: “They kill horses, horses, horses, horses.” Thank you. Come again?Thomas Ligotti

Please support all the wonderful small presses out there.

More SOON!! !