Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Children of Old Leech

Word Horde's Laird Barron tribute anthology, The Children of Old Leech, has started showing up on BEST of the Year lists. Those who have read it know why. Tangent Online's recommended Reading List for 2014 cites a quartet of stories from The Children of Old Leech in their 2014 round up, including “Snake Wine,” by Jeffrey Thomas, “Notes for ‘The Barn in the Wild’,” by Paul Tremblay, “Of a Thousand Cuts,” by Cody Goodfellow, and “The Last Crossroads on a Calendar of Yesterdays,” by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Pleased am I? Yes. I. Am!


  1. I have ye eldritch beercan stuck up my arse!

    Shalom Homo

  2. Zappa's Jazz From Hell is tickling my brain
    The old fingers at the dull keys -keepin' them blues away
    Ol scratch breathing down my neck but the words. Magic. The words. Tragic like an unwanted chinese baby sinking like a stone

    - - - tap tip tat tat Carcosa is speaking my º¤□○▪■•◇◆》¡¿