Friday, November 25, 2011

Horror creators and fans UNITE! !!

You give a child a toy. We'll give you a MONSTER-size library [over 3 dozen so far]!!/ToysForTotsHorrorStyle

As a writer of horror and weird fiction they say Pulver's bleak, brutal, DARK!, his work is a multi-verse of Hell, murder & madness are his loves. Guess that's fair. OK, OK, it hits the nail on the head! I've got friends who like to go to zombie cons and dress up, got pals who like to visit graveyards. I have many friends who are visual artists and their work gives me bloody nightmares, and I've got firends who watch scaryass horror films filled w/ demons and gore and MONSTERS and EERIE~sh*t even I can't sit through -- yep, fraidy cat me! !! And every one of them has a heart as big as Cthulhu or Gojira or King Kong. Bet all horror fans and creators have hearts that big! !! Hell, I know they do.

So I hoping the horror community ~who adore hauntings and baying all night long~ will take all that PASSION and creativity and support Toys For Tots~Horror Style. Please tell your friends--I know you're great at baying!, wear a hockey mask (or a gillman suit or get zombied-up) and threaten them if you like. Blog about this. G+, FB post, Tweet, v-blog, ETC! !!, but please share.

If you are a horror creator and would like to donate a book to the winner's goodie bag, great we'd love to have it. And we'd love to have your voice, your support as Hell's carnival barker as well!! And whom better than you weathermen and women of the DARKNESS, who write or paint with such magic & PASSION, to shout it loud?

Please send you friends and/or fans to the following link for details on entering and how to donate a toy for a needy child.

This year let's awaken joy in the heart of a child.

My deepest thanks to all of you! !!!/ToysForTotsHorrorStyle

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