Thursday, December 1, 2011

When the heart of horror rises...

Lot of AGAINST out there currently. Let’s show folks FOR! !!

For GOOD! !!

You can do a lot of GOOD with a toy for a needy child. Would the heart of horror feed and nurture these children? Would it cure the ills and nightmares that would blunt their dreams? I believe it will. How might it start? Like the opening scene in a long chiller, we need that first step toward nurturing a child’s imagination. Remember play time? You and a toy, you were creating, imagining. You stretched, dreamed, and as a fan of horror and the weird you still dream. So my fellow dreamers, let’s shout down “against” and be for GOOD and take that first small step! Be a creator—inspire wonder, fuel the creative mind, give them a toy.

You give a child a toy. We’ll give you a library!! !

Follow the link to see how to add your voice, donate a toy, and enter to win the library we're giving away

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