Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Karl Edward Wagner

KEW is one of my idols! !! To me, "THE RIVER OF NIGHT’S DREAMING" is canon.

Taken from an interview that was conducted by Chuck Owston for "Dark Troubadour" #1, Autumn 1994.

"Q: In "THE RIVER OF NIGHT’S DREAMING" you make references to THE KING IN YELLOW. How much did this classic influence you?"

"KEW: Much of my work has resonances of Robert W. Chambers. While almost all of his books were hack-work romances, the best of his supernatural horror can stand with the very best. The primary lesson I’ve learned from reading Chambers was to create a deliberate barrier against final comprehension — thus creating the lost uncertainty of an extended nightmare."

Scripture! !!

Looking at "black wings" in Kinsport as Gordon Lightfoot and Libby Van Cleeve's oboe lead me through a night of sharp, cold shadows~ I wonder if there's a place to rest my head in these sunless corridors~~ guess we'll see . . .

Light what a steppenwolf smokes, dream! !!

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  1. I pre-ordered the KEW tome from Centipede Press. I can't wait! All of KEW's horror collected together in a beautiful Centipede Press book. Quality my friend, quality.