Friday, November 25, 2011

To all horror writers, artists, and creators

Remember your 1st story sale, or the 1st time you held one of your books in your hands, or your new release?  Remember the first illo you did for a tale you loved, or your first cover? Remember that joy, the excitement? We all do. Walk over and look at that book or mag on the shelf, pick it up . . . Coming back to you? You feel that? It's great. You can give that feeling to a child.

You have a voice, a gift, you share it with your readers, with your fans, I'll like you to share your voice to support needy children this holiday season. Please help me spread the word about Toys For Tots ~ Horror Style. Blog it, tweet it, post news in forums, or on FB and G+.  Let your fans and friends and all the wonderful people in the horror community know that the heart of horror has and always will be about the thrill of sharing something amazing. When you give a needy child a toy, you give them amazing, you give them a dream. And dreaming is what we do best! Share the dream!!/ToysForTotsHorrorStyle


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