Friday, November 18, 2011


That nasty-old MEANY, Dr. Archer, says the inmates, ah, make that, residents here in ZIMM’s are not allowed to vibrate w/ joy, or play cello, or guitar, or-- Archer suggests that could, under most conditionSSss;  ;;lead to various forms of HOWLin’’’’’’’’’’, and maybe prancin’ ‘bout ALLgleeful & bEastly under craZy moonrays. And they "most certainly are not allowed!" to own and read the "subversive, lurid filth" of muse-maddened poetS! !! Callin’ my pals D’if and Sharkey to help bust this lovely gal out outta her room, um, cell; ;;;;;;;;before any vile snicker~snack{!!!!!!!!!!!!~!~~!} starts  a-vibratin ’ and ruins her lovely & bEastlY brain! !!

Mr. .8gauge is LOCKED & LOADed~ ~~Gonna be a jailbreak tonight~ ~~~~~~~~~~..~.

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