Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WHaT????????????? ?

Some days you look at the pages ask/bitch/beg!!!!!!!!!!!!!/pray/hope~ ~~ Deep in a war over two dumbass WORD choices, and all you want is a ray of light . . or a razor blade.

And out of the blue you get something like this from a writer who is 7 billions times better than yer ever going to be.

"But to your own writing, shiiiiiit. Maybe you're influenced, but you sure aren't derivative. Sin and Ashes is unique, and it's so unusually honest emotionally. It's the opposite of pose. I'm so glad that you have managed to keep true to your own visions, not to mention I'm awed that they haven't destroyed you, but that you have taken them in hand. You wield words in ways that exercise them more than they've been used to. They don't get to put on makeup and primp either. You have also a most unmodern beauty of standing back in what you are writing too. There's a veracity there without the ego first, if that makes any sense. That you have live, are living, and know pain in every declension of it, but you don't revel in victimhood, or cruelty and snideness for its own sake. I do hate the linking of other writers with you, as you are more much more than the ones who are said to have influenced you. Your eyes have seen, your heart has experienced, and you're still very much alive and experiencing; these elements make the very poetry of a simple act, beautifully expressed and meaningful. She took off her limits. One at a time."
Shucks, thanks, HUGSsssssssssssssSSs, and humbled, just don't cover it. And those 2 words aren't looking as nasty & impossible as they were a couple of minutes ago! !!

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