Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Portraits of Ruin news

W!O!R!K!! ! [editing/proofing/design] continues on PoR [Hippocampus Press - SOONer than the June/July/sometime this summer I expected!! !!]............. .

Cover art [again by my hellishly-talented pal, Bogo] is in the works! !! Here's a peek at the 2 covers the HP art team is deciding upon . . . [Our FABBO model is a certain West Coast HOWLin'-all-night gal some of you know! !! THXXXXXXX, Leenie!! HUGSsssssssssssSSSSSxxxxxs]

More Portraits of Ruin news [like the ToC, etc.] soon...........[maybe I should have called this collection, A Collection of Lovesongs?]......... .

NOTE: I'm scared witless by the release of PoR~ ~~~~~~~~lot more than the last 2! !!

3 others books in the works [at the moment!], and TONS of projects on the plate -- some are scary as hell! !! More on them ~and other things~ as I can! !!

Also looks like I'm 'bout halfway done w/ my 4th collection, Stained Translations........... I'm not counting this tome as part of the 3 I mentioned in the last paragraph..

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