Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q & A sans interviewer/well, sort of

 Afraid of rats, snakes, and spiders. Yep.
Never read much T.S. Eliot. Keep meaning to . . .
Didn’t like or read the Beats until I was well into my 40s. Love listening to WSB but don’t enjoy reading him as much as I should.
Frank Zappa and Lin Carter are my biggest “literary” influences. You’ll have to figure that one for yourself.
I HATE typing! I have never written a word [or come up w/ an idea] while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Never used a cut-up machine. W/ a messed-up brain like this one who needs it? ??
I revise a hell of a lot more than anyone thinks! !!
Basically don’t care for my stuff. Would love to, but . . . It’s just never good enough to suit me. 90% of the time, I only stop working on a tExt as I find myself thinking, I don’t know what to do w/ it now/kinda feels done.
I almost never write without music on! !! Music is AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many of the stories and images in and from “Creepy”, “Eerie”, pre-superhero MARVEL Comics, and The Twilight Zone are in so deep I’ll never escape . . . Strike that, I don’t want to.
Jacques Brel! Drink a couple of gallons a tea a day. Smoke like a chimney.
Afraid of needles!
I feel like a whore pushing my work, but friends say you have to. Wish I knew where the line was . . .
There’s more than a few Springsteen songs that bring on the tears – every time I hear them.
I’d kill to write a Dr. Strange novel. Yes, the villain would be Dormammu!! ! And Clea would be in it.
I “never” consider what a reader or an editor might think until I’m pretty much done, then it’s sheer TERROR!
Still trying to find a voice. Perhaps if I ever think I have one, I’ll be able to tell if my work is of any merit?
Hope some of my work is good, or some merit. Am humbled by the kind praise I’ve been given, but I just don’t [can’t] see what they see. Wish the hell I could.
I’m not a big horror movie fan.
Do I feel like I’m boring. HELL YES. [I believe this thing/list/whatever it is proves my case.] Feel like a bumpkin? Often.
Don’t read too much horror anymore. Poetry and CRIME!! ! Still love good horror tales, but most often find myself somewhere else. Read a lot of WEIRD fiction too.
Excepting crime fiction, most of my favorite writers and poets are women. HATE they are not receiving the acclaim and readership they deserve! !!
I have “hundreds” of things I’ve started, and put aside for any number of reasons.
ECM is hands down my favorite record label.
Critics, yes. But would you please be polite? Would that hurt so much? Have to say, a time or two it has been, fuck you, you try this!
I’d rather read a novel, a long one, than a short tale.
Do I have a favorite novel? Yep. FLICKER!! !
I love cactus.
CURVES, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BESTest most wonderful thing on the whole damn planet – A woman’s MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! [Yes, I like other parts, but w/out the brain, who cares!!!!]
Jacques Brell, Eno, Dylan! !! My trinity! David Sylvain & FVZ have seats at the table! !!
Harlan Ellison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dangerous Visions!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain’t a real bookshelf if it ain’t on it!
BRING ON THE BAD GUYS! How do I label my work? Most times I think I write horror, but really can’t say.
I don’t outline outline. Not really. Each tExt wants to go where it wants to go. I let it. When I can, if I can . . .
Yes, there are days when I’d like to turn off the words!
Greatest fear – MADNESS. Nothing else is even close! I will forever LOVE and hate Robert Bloch for that!
Idol – Ben Grimm, The Thing.
Wanted to be 6 feet tall or better!
"Be a GOOD man."
BLUE! But grey ain’t bad.
The beard is there as I’ve never liked my face. It’s a mask! !!
Maybe 30 or so KIY tExts so far. Won’t rest until I write one worthy of the canon. If I ever do, I’ll stop.
For fun – Beckett, David Lynch.
Yes, I did play the 1st Sabbath album for 2 weeks non-stop while working on a very short text. Yes, I spent two weeks on it! !!
I envy anyone who can get a whole 8 hours sleep.
Thinking is the best way to travel! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My horror icons – The Headless Horseman, [[[[[[[Norman, Jack, and Juliette! !!]]]]]]]]]], Frankenstein, the Phantom of the Opera, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Caligari. & that KIY! !!
KARL EDWARD WAGNER, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Pizza! Thick crust, mushrooms, Italian sausage!! !
I’m not half the Lovecraftian fan some think I am.
#1 – guitar. #2 – b-flat clarinet #3 – a B-3 w/ a Leslie.
Best album ever recorded, easy – Jimmy Giuffre 3 1961.
Off the top of my head ladies who walk on water: Liz Hand, Caitlin Kiernan, Ellen Datlow, Bette Davis, Larrissa Szporluk, Harper Lee, Carla Bley, Helen Merrill . . . There are many others.
Not much on TV. Freak for a good film! !! Drama please.
Yes, I really do like the Bee Gees and the Carpenters.
If you HATE Black, LGBT, Women’s rights, etc., etc, crawl back in yer hole and go screw yerself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !  
Rhinos and owls! Love animals! !! Absolute freak for birds!! ! ! !! Lucky bastards can sing and fly . . .
Scared of dying, bet yer ass I am.
I don’t do sports. Loved them as a kid, when I could play them, but watching, no and no.
If I could have picked, guitar player or artist, never a writer! !! I love the immediacy of art and song! But I don’t think of this as writing. In my mid I’m a 16 year old kid upstairs in his bedroom trying to get songs out of this guitar. Each word is a note, which I hope leads to a melody/song.
Don’t like zombies.
Didn’t figure on any of this. Didn’t. Wasn’t in the handbook either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ghouls!! !
My desktop is a mess.
I don’t remember most of my work. Sometimes, more than I’d like, I don’t recall story titles or what they are about until someone describes them to me.
I really don’t think I’m all that gory. Brutal, yes.
Yes, I repeat myself. Sue me.
We are losing sight of art and how important it is to humanity. There are far too many tied to various forms of hardship and to deny them art, strips dreams and opportunity! !! Please put a book or a crayon or a guitar in the hand of a child.
Liberal! But not on crime. You hurt a woman or a child, 2 to the back of the fucking head! !! No jail, no 2 to 5! !! Rape should be a crime punishable by Death! !! Murder as well!! ! Stalkers? Sorry, but fuck them too.
Absent-minded. Yes. Very.
Hate that every time I type the word sand it comes out snad. There are about two dozen others words where same thing happens . . . waht/what, etc………….. .
I waste too much time on the internet.
I’m not sure if PSYCHO or The Exorcist scared me more. Both left deep fights.
Stones! It took me a long time to care about the Beatles. I pick George.
Out of my mind freak for early Weather Report! !!
I have a lot of trouble reading on the computer screen.
Not happy that 90% of the time when I read my work, or speak it aloud, I read the line without noticing the missing word/letters. Wish I knew how that happens! Never happens when I read someone else’s.
Thoughts on politics and religion? Yes, I have them! !!
America is a beautiful MONSTER! !!
My top 3 films of ALL time - Man On Fire! All About Eve! A Man for All Seasons!
I wish I wrote differently. Like to be more of a “storyteller” and less bumpkin-poet, but the Muse didn’t let me pick. Hell, she never even asked my thoughts on the subject.
MARVEL or DC? Do you need to ask? Also Cap or Bats . . . CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things I miss about America . . . The list would be longer than WAR AND PEACE.
Favorite short story of all time: TIE - “The Cask of Amontillado” and “A Toy For Juliette”
Did I mention I hate RATS? ??
THINK and be HUMAN! Why the hell do you think yer here……………….. .
Want to be a better writer? READ! This is a craft, sharpen your tools! !! Then go outside and LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, damn straight, I cry. Ain’t dead just yet! !!
The rats sure as hell scared me/that little kid, the junkie with the knife too, after the fact, but staring at my draft card day after day, almost nothing was scarier than that was. Almost . . .
I HATE typin’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’.
OWLS! [all birds really]
This stuff is "fiction", folks!
Cancer. Moonchile. Does it show? ??
Out of context, but if I could be summed up by a line from a song it would be – “I’ve got scars upon my cheeks and I’m half-crazy.”
Advise about writing, some how to thing ? Easy. Put yer ass in the chair and type! Get it on paper, worry about what you have after. If it needs work, that’s what other drafts are for. It may be easy for some, but for me, it’s blood, sweat, and tears – Yes, I swear at these thingSSSSSsss. You want to write, let it bleed!
I think I’ve said most of this before . . . [Pretty sure I told you I’m boring.]
You harm a woman or a child, 2 to the back of the head. And we ain’t wastin’ time or effort to bury you. Ants & crawlies have to eat……………………. .
Am I going to ck this for typos. Nope.
Next thing I plan on doing, a nap! Then again, maybe it’s tea time, light a smoke and look at this tale I need to finish again—MAYBE? ??
I would kill to be a better writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; …………………… .
Had to, that’s why. OK, I confess, I was wasting time………………. . Sometimes it’s a good pencil sharpener.

[soundtrack a bunch of ECM recordings]  


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