Monday, December 26, 2011

NewSSsss from S.T.'s blog... and I'm up in it~ ~~

So deep into The Work lately [yep, more new tales than a bEastie can shake demon at!] I seem to have missed S.T.'s announcement. I'm delighted to see this post as I'm part of it and could not mention it until he did! !! So, partially unleashed~ ~~

Here's what S.T. had to say in his DEC 10 post --

 "I have concluded several important book deals... The other book deal is a two-book arrangement with Titan Books for all-original Lovecraftian stories. The first is one that I mentioned before—a volume of stories using At the Mountains of Madness as a springboard. The second is a more general Lovecraftian anthology. Aside from the usual suspects, I hope to entice a number of big-name authors, several of whom have not written Lovecraftian fiction before. All this will be done while I continue to assemble Black Wings III, which is due to PS Publishing next September. I am looking forward to the simultaneous appearance next March of Black Wings II (PS) and the paperback edition of Black Wings I (Titan)."

The Pulver up-in-it in this is, S.T. has accepted my tale, "WHITE FIRE" for his "AtMoM" spinoff. And he's accepted another new tale of mine, "…down black staircases", for inclusion in either BWIII or his unanamed "Titan" Lovecraftian collection.

"WHITE FIRE" is a sequel to "AtMoM" and a riff of Jack London's "To Build A Fire" and a scene from Jerimiah Johnson, and "...down black staircases" is a Kingsport tale that was inspired by a pair of entries in HPL's Commonplace Book.

He's also accepted another "semi-Lovecraftian" tale of mine, "In . . . and Out", for the next issue of his "Weird Fiction Review".

I hope all of you are having a WONDERFUL holiday season! !!!!!!!!!! Wish every one of you all my bEastly BESTest for yer 2012! !!!!!!!!

[soundtrack for a Boxing Day morn various "early" N.R.P.S tunes...] Damn, teacup's empty 'gain~ ~~

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  1. Wow, Brother Joe! That's fantastic news! Congrats, my friend.