Monday, January 16, 2012

how to waste time & &&

make the Muse un/happy~ ~~~~~~~~~

Inalienable rights. That’s what it says. For EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And fighting to keep them and make certain EVERYONE has them is vital.
Yes, I did. Once.
I love names. Weirdo perhaps, but to me, they’re the key to a tale. Name’s wrong I can’t buy the character.
Record shop mrg, bouncer in a strip joint, lumberjack, witness . . . FOOL!
Never allowed to have a pet as a kid.
I don’t hate all my stuff. There are times I think “that” sentence is pretty damn good.
                                                                           Do I read others writers and think why the hell do you even bother? Damn right I do! !! Long list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anubis and Loki!
Damn right I like LOTR.
Yes, yoga and zen . . . long ago and faraway . . .
Inhaled. I did have sex with that women. LIKE it –her! !! 

Sin like you mean it!
                                                        It’s CLOBBERIN” time!

Love rocks, stones.
Drank a lot of take-home pay.
Love the desert!
LOUD – sometimes…

                                                                                                                       Yes, I’ve watched Jeremiah Johnson ‘bout 100 times. Not top 3 but top 5, bet yer ass.

MASKS! Yep, the beard is one.
Put a lot of cotton in a 11ft sack;;;;;;;;;;;;; felt like it! !!
Saw a mountain of bullshit & GREED in that commune. Told him to jam it and walked~ ~~
Raised in a lion’s den? Sure. Why the hell do you think have the new new minglewood blues? ??

BIRDS~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
One wing is HAWK, the other is pure DOVE! Try to soar on ideas when I can; ;;;;;;;;;;;;

                                      the next WORD, of course!

PART 1) )) Yes she was naked. Yes I sipped wine from her belly button as she read Homer to me. You think Keith Richards is the only one who ever pitched a wang dang doodle all night long? ??

PART 2)))) )))))))) 5 days - 2 gallons of T and 4 worms~~~~~~~[smoke? Who can really recall?? ?]~~~~[yes there were women]~~ You think Keith Richards is the only one who ever pitched a wang dang doodle all night long? ??

Mathis, Bee Gees, Carpenters, YEP! Sun Ra and Mingus and Diamanda and the jam kickin’ 5 too. You don’t, maybe you don’t really like music and you’ll be dust after that eye-blink trend gets blown away~ ~~
If I had to pick one I’d lean toward Odin.

Cap, Dr. Strange, FF, Daredevil, Thor. In that order.

Red Skull, Dormammu, HYDRA, Loki, Zemo. In that order.

Bats, Metal Men, Doom Patrol, GL, Challengers of the Unknown. In that order.

Am I ever gonna go Pulver on sparkly vamps. Yep!
Will get around to a werewolf one day . . . Seems odd lookin’ in that mirror.

bEast. For good reason.

Song that started it all for me: Gene Pitney “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”. I was 7 or 8.
Think it was 8.
Thing’s a chessboard and a cage, help the other guy. It’s why yer here. Or should be . . .
                                 Goes w/out saying, a slow dance, of course.

Philip Lamantia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there are plenty of times I think E.E. – no it’s not ee! !! Go look it up.

Hated Hemmingway in high school. Washington Irving too.
I’d like to believe in YOU! !! But that’s up to you.
Sometimes w/out DRUMS. Please.
Found out.
Can’t blame too many folks. I put the wall up. They only handed me a few bricks every once and again.
Hot: Earl Grey. Cold/on ice: green.
I remember all the faces . . . It’s no fun having a “full” fur coat! !!
Writer I hate the most: Vachss! Puts a new one out, I HAVE to have it NOW! & then BAM, few hours it’s gone and he makes us wait forever to get another!!!!!!!!!! Ain’t right! Ain’t!
Apologies to a lot of brilliant writers, but best novel I’ve read in the last few years, Generation Loss by Liz Hand.
There’s one tale that scares me like no other. I never revisit it, can’t . . . JCO “Martyrdom”.
If you hadn’t guessed, Hesse’s STEPPENWOLF is a bible to me. One of them.

                                           Guilty? Too many times to count. Stupid? Too many times to count. Just plain wrong.  Yeah. Give me a sec it will come ‘round again . . .

FELT, you damn well better be!
THINK, you damn well better be!

                                                Lie shreds just like a hollow-point or a knife-edge.
Enlarge with FREE trail of porn star secrets. NO!
Said CURVES last time. Still mean it! !!
Dr. King. Gone too soon!.
Kosmische & Motorik when I can. Spell it Sandoz [in the rain once –yes, I did!] and/or Hallogallo if you like.
Reading gives you depth. Listening to what the other person has to say does to! !! Try both.
How far is? ??
Gazed upon troubled. Then let the tango go ‘round. And ‘round! !!
FORWARD> >>>>>>>>>>>
Yes, alongside.
I do not say nice things about other people’s work for the hell or it, or to get ahead. I like what I like. Not sayin’ I’m right, just my 2cents is all. You think what you want, and I’ll do the same.
I have stage fright. Even doing one of those v-blog things.
“The Piata”. [sue me if I spelled it wrong!]
spell check – thiS ain;t no sub………..
Dirty Blvd. Is!
Royal scam. They’re runnin’ a lot of ‘em!
Comes n’achel. You waste all the time you want groomin’ yours in a mirror. I’ve got other demons to shoot at.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do in your bedroom! If it’s w/ a consenting adult, fine. You be you, I’ll be me. You see two men [or women] walking down the street holding hands and that bothers you, turn your HATE up to FULL ON KILL and  go F**k yerself w/ it – and please, use a red hot, barbed poker. The EXIT sign for assbags is right over there – I’d be happy to show it to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Hell, let me hold it open fer ya!

Jack was right, Cavey! My vocabulary did this to me. OK, yer right, Dylan helped. All those books to.
Blame Harlan Ellison!

Yer damn right I wish there was net. Auguries, fragments, and a crown of weeds.
                                                                        Yes, I’ve read every KIY tale I’ve ever heard of [including a few hundred thousand unpublished words worth], except one, and no, I don’t care to discuss the how and why of Chambers or the KIY. I write it, let the big brains and critics analyze. That said, yes I do think there’s a canon. And it’s rather small. There’s a bunch of tales I don’t not include in the canon that are good, but, to me, they just miss being canon worthy. I DO NOT consider anything of mine part of the canon!

Sleep? Been meaning to try it.
Hope the hell I’m not derivative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every word does not have to push the narrative forward.
Hardcore homebody.
                                                 Dinner and a movie – HELL YES!
Geek. Yep.
Compromise does not mean you have sold out. We thinking, feeling human beings need to live together, listening, communicating, and understanding, needs to be as important as breathing.
HATE is taught. Spreading it is criminal.
If she has wit and brains you’ve hit the jackpot!

No, twins are not hot. No, don’t want two at a time! !!

                                                                                                      Tombstone hand.
Political gerrymandering is a crime.
You say you care, yet you don’t vote? ????????????????????
You wanna talk and be reasonable and maybe find some middle ground, let’s. If not, yes, that’s a fist.

Not ckin’ this one for spelling, grammar, or typos either.

A-yep, wastin’ time ‘gain……………. .

me: you write some words down. me I'm off to play~ ~~
MUSE: you better--
me: See that Spicer volume? Yep, they call it poetics. Start w/ that. I'll get back to you....................... .

why LAST YEAR cover up there; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; cause i wanted to ((((((((((((( (and it's my blog......................... .

[soundtrack ~ pet shop boys and steppenwolf]


  1. This is achingly beautiful, and blooming, my friend.

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