Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another reader stopped by The Orphan Palace

Seems another kind reader, weary traveler on shore leave from the low side of the road, dropped by and after his stay in The Orphan Palace he rated the accommodations. His written statement to management says he felt Dr. Archer’s facilities were 5 Star. Doc like hearing that - in fact he got a big charge out of it.

Here’s some of what he had to say: “…At novel length, he [Pulver] becomes the Tom Waits of the macabre - laconic, poetic, surreal, with an uncanny ability to paint a landscape or a feeling with a few, deft words.

As to The Orphan Palace, I won't taint it with my impressions, other than to say it is a dark jewel of the English language. Beat poetry for the night.”

Dear Reader, THANKS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delighted to hear you enjoyed the book.
Well, after that I’m off to have tea and cigarettes w/ the other Tom…………. . Not sure what kind of an emotional weather report he’ll have to share [Vegas odds are bettin' on gloom & blue valentines] as we seek the heart of Saturday night, but it will be fun lookin’ . . .

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