Sunday, December 18, 2011

some newsssssssssssssssssS

Can't announce the BIG newsSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ;; ; YET! !! Soon!!!!!!!! !
BUT~ ~~

to me these are FAB! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spectral Press will be launching a series of audio-CDs of music and Lovecraft tales (along with Lovecraftian stories from modern masters)................ [drum roll] I'm on the 1st CD! !! My work -- YAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyY~ ~~ more news as it unfolds. .....;...........;;... .

AND; ;;

                                     over at the BFS there's a review of TOP says~ ~~"If this extraordinary book isn’t at least nominated for a few awards, I’ll be astonished & disappointed."
     The award to me is the READER!!!!!!!!!!! That's the kind of reaction all writers dream of. And as I [and every other writer] sit here typing, that fuel keeps our fingers {and hearts} muscling new WORDS on to the page . . .

                               Oh yeah, "on Lynch's desk" that's the other stuff of dreams~  ;;~

MUSE: Get back to lookin' in that wishin' well. Story is not done!
me: Yes, Boss . . . Do I have time for a smoke first?
MUSE: No. Do you think these things write themselves?

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