Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's he building in there? Well...

Some the things I have coming...

One of my texts from SIN & ashes will be appearing somewhere INTERESTING soon... More when I'm allowed. I'll be posting the "ToC" for this book as soon as it is released! !!

I have a tale in Historical Lovecraft, coming from Innsmouth Free Press later this year.

Also have a new tale in Kevin Ross and Miskatonic River Press's Dead But Dreaming 2.
My "long" LENG tale has been accepted by Bob Price for his upcoming The Secret Heart Of Asia tome coming from Mythos Books in a bit.

The E-book of Blood Will Have Its Season is due very soon. As is the E-book and print book of Nightmare's Disciple [this time w/ Bob Price's introduction, and a new 10 years after text by Bob].

Submitted a number of things, so we wait...

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