Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"Strange Aeons" just came to Berlin... The pages are like black wings, joyously spread... And among the feathers there is a tale by me [a colab w/ a certain Mr. K.Y.], a RAVE review of SIN & ashes [Can I hug the reviewer? ?? PLEASE!! !], and an add for SIN to boot -- DAMN GREAT MAG!! !! My thanks to Kelly & Rick, the mad geniuses behind this frenzy of horror.

Special thanX [and a bEastly hug] to Lee Davis for the art!! !!

Lot of scary goodness this issue -- Cover by Mike Dubisch [2 paws way up!!!], Goodfellow & Gucker [mo FAB!! !][makes me sick to think how much talent these 2 have and they are NOT sharin' it w/ yer bEastie!! Just might tell my old pal Cthulhu 'bout that...], and a LOT mo! !!

Don't know "SA"? Well, think "Heavy Metal" in bed w/ "EERIE", get yer HPL up in it -- there ya go. Cookin' now!! !! The link to "SA" is right there. Go ck it out! !! The power company will thank you for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dubisch  http://dubisch.com/

Goodfellow   http://www.perilouspress.com/index.html

SA   http://strange-aeons.com/

Davis   http://www.myspace.com/abstractvisions

Gucker   http://www.nickthehat.com/



  1. Glad you finally got your issue(s)! Worth the wait though, eh? SA is rife with the slashings of the bEast, and the mag is all the better for it I tell ya.
    Danke for the shout-out(knife-across-the-face smile from ear to ear).
    By the way, I 'm more than happy to share with the bEast, just say the word.

  2. Danke, Nick!! !! love ta play wit ya ANYTIME! !!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Joe - I'm glad you enjoy the mag. Oh, and your colab was with a certain L.A., if I remember correctly... ;-)