Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more WORDS...

Joyce was in that bed—beating her wings—before they swallowed her

The hum of the black dog song. Chain gang chant.

Joyce was waiting for peacocks and confetti. And splendor. She had yellow fever, the carnival—small hours-masked people-spoonfuls and centuries-the immobile sky—danced in her

Kathleen was there; quiet mostly. Bed on yonder sothen wall, at the bottom of the world, some dog in a jailhouse. The little drops would not let her go... Spider came walked away with all her time. Left a change in the air

Nova cried. Kathleen wasn’t even 40. Didn’t even look 30. Too young. “Way too fucking young to be stripped and pushed.” Way too pretty to be cast into that hell. Nova cried. She was way too pretty—she had a shine she’d taken a shine to—and quiet and too nice to have them overturn her. And Christ, all that talent

Bastard just clapped his hands, took Jayne (still hanging on to St. Christopher) too—Who knows to what harbor of oily night. Took her right off the vine—down-down-down

empty beds

sank all those ships

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