Sunday, January 2, 2011

BEST list... bottom of the 9th shocker! !!

OK, excited [yeah-yeah, I know, what's new? ??] so this will be . . . babbling...

I'm a flatout wacko Laird Barron fan -- everyone is [or should be!]!! ! Proud I'm one!! ! So I see a link to an LB interview I missed well, I'm on it. If you know Laird you know he's worth reading even if he merely whipped up the phone book for the dArk District. So I'm reading, nodding my yep & yes to his observasions and comments! !! and then I see my name . . .

Heart stops. Breathing? What's that? & HUH??  Blink 27 yimes, yep name's still right there. Pulver. Pulver?

OK, yep, he penned the intro to my new book [talk about lucky!! and honored & humbled!]. You'd think after the praise in his intro to SIN, no big deal -- W R O N G! I found myself shocked and amazed [and D E L I GH T E D as hell times 7,982]  to see ME near the end . . . Yeah, that was me you heard shout What The--!! ! Had it been you, you would have as well. Why? Easy. Along w/ Kiernan and Liz Hand he is part of my trinity -- those still w/ us and working. They are the masters of the field I toil in, to me anyway, you're free to pick yer own. So to have one of them say I'm of note is simply mind blowing! !!

Guess you can tell I have not got used to praise yet -- Shoot me if I do!!  Yeah, even after Ligotti, Price, Datlow, Joshi, and other notables I'm not used to it...

So bottom of the 9th we get his rec list -- S G Jones, & Tremblay, yep, scary-ass monster wordsmiths! !! John Langan, hell yes!! Bet his middle name is, Chops-to-burn! Straub, name covers it -- 'nuff said! Don't know Ms. Llewellyn, but she's damn sure on my list. & I have not had the chance yet to read Ms. Langan but will - have wanted to for a while... Some list.

I could rant for another 10 pages, but I'll shut up. Go read Laird. CK out who he recs, they ARE worth your time and money! And if you decide to take a lookie-see at SIN I hope you too find it of merit.

Last word -- Thanks, Laird. Thanks.

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