Sunday, January 2, 2011

Forgot: another NEW tExt coming...

I have a new work, "kristamas as an exhibition", inspired by the beguiling work of Kristamas Klousch. It will appear in editor, Ivan McCann's new collection AKLONOMICON coming later this year. & I have the great luck & joy of her art appearing w/ the tExt! !! YAYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYY Y!! !

Want to see wonder? ?? Go here! !!

I WILL have a lot more to say about this collection soon!! ! Looking like it may blow a few minds! !! HINT: maybe Spriggs, Strantzas, Gavin, Krall, Cook, Gucker, . . . :)

I AM excited! !! Come March or so when you see the "ToC" you might whoopie a YAY or 6 as well! !!

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