Sunday, February 12, 2012

AKLO news

    What now seems like ages ago, I was contacted by my pal, Ivan McCann about submitting something to a “zine” he was planning to do. I said, sure. Let me see what I have or can up w/. Having fallen under the spell of Kristamas Klousch’s beguiling art, I’d written a text based on several of her works. I sent it to him and he was rabid for it.
     He already had a few tales and some artists committed to contributing. I asked if he needed more tales. He said please. So I asked some friends and writers I highly regard. Almost all of them said yes. He liked my suggestions and their submissions and things developed.
     As subs and artwork for Ivan’s zine came in he began to think of doing not a zine but a book and somehow I became co-editor.
     And now it’s at the printer.
     Here’s the ToC.


Captured in Oils - Simon Strantzas
House of the Rising Sun - Edward Morris
Truckee Stomp - Laird Barron
The Girls of the World - Livia Llewellyn
Spawn of Cthulu - Mike Dubisch
Zygote’s Fables - Eric York
Flutes - T.E. Grau
Letters to G.G - B.R Jording
Nightmares Of A Pampiniform Mind - Jordan Krall
TIME . . . and FOREVER - Tara Vanflower & JS Pulver, Sr.
Never Call Anubis Loki’s Robots Cheap-Shit - Garrett Cook, Jordan Krall, 
& JS Pulver, Sr.
Head Soup - Johnny Mains
When She Shines, Poems… like chalices - Nova Rupertus & JS Pulver, Sr.
Counterclockwise - Jeffrey Thomas
Brian’s Girl - Garrett Cook
The God of Suburbia /Silver Night Train - Livia Llewellyn
Nyarlathotep... - JS Pulver, Sr.
In the Cave. She Sang - T.E. Grau
Kristamas as an exhibition - JS Pulver, Sr.
Ana Kai Tangata - Scott Nicolay
The Hands of Sopiale - J Karl Bogartte
Lord of the Hunt - Livia Llewellyn
Dark Outcome - Stanley C. Sargent
If Company Should Come - Edward Morris
Whisperers - Daniel Mills
Faint Baying from Afar - Richard Gavin

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