Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thomas Ligotti

Tom Ligotti. Yeah, Thomas Ligotti. The one who gave us The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, Songs of a Dead Dreamer, and The Nightmare Factory, to name but a few of the highly-acclaimed works by this living master of weird fiction. Seems my publisher sent Tom a copy and he had the following to say about this humble writer’s upcoming collection, Portraits of Ruin.

“Let us posit that Bukowski is the sun. Or Brautigan, Burroughs and the Beats—a solar Coney Island of the Mind where Timothy Leary’s dead and dead Cthulhu waits and sings the live long daydream believer. Then Joe Pulver’s Portraits of Ruin would be the burst of planets, Big Bang-Bang, Marquee Moons hanging on for what they got, scream of consciousness—in Outer Space no one can hear it . . . except Coffin Joe, Monster Mash Potato that big ol’ Portraits of Ruin—Mars needs it, you need it, so just open the lid and shake your fist—then say: “They kill horses, horses, horses, horses.” Thank you. Come again?”

I’ll just quote my publisher, Derrick of Hippocampus Press, here, “WOW!”

I’ve also just finished my “intro” for Cisco’s upcoming project and submitted it. Both Mad C’sys-kone and the publisher are pleased as ghouls with keys to the mausoleum w/ it. More on this project soon! !!

More “What’s he building in there?” news very soon . . .

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  1. Thomas Ligotti's I Have a Special Plan for This World (video, 24')
    password: graphiosis