Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tom Brown, the artist of many fantastic works, will be doing the cover for my new collection, SIN & ashes. I couldn’t be more delighted, to have his talent grace another work of mine is as good as it gets! !!

This is the cover of my last Hippocampus Press collection, Blood Will Have It Season.

As you can see, Tom is an amazing talent.

Maybe when he has a rough sketch for SIN, we’ll let you eyeball it here.

To see more of Tom’s stunning and highly-praised work you can go here –

SIN & ashes is currently in the hands of my editor, S.T. Joshi, for proofing. More on SIN as things progress and it gets a firm release date. You can also get a copy of BLOOD and other Hippocampus titles at Amazon, or directly from Hippocampus.