Saturday, March 27, 2010

of BLOOD Ran Cartwright says . . .

Lovecraftian author, Ran Cartwright, has posted the following about BLOOD on Amazon:

Well, I wrote a brief review of this collection and be damned if it didn't disappear into the ether somewhere. I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder for lurking shadows. So, now to write a new brief statement on this work... Joe Pulver's BLOOD WILL HAVE IT'S SEASON. Is it Joe's work or is it the characters within the work that are speaking out, using Joe's pen as their voice? I'm inclined to believe the latter. To the point, I wasn't reading someone else's material as a detached casual outside observer seated in a chair with coffee or wine and pipe (alright, coffee or wine: I no longer smoke). I found myself a part of the narrative, ducking the knife wielding maniacs, chasing the old woman down the alleys, on the beat with the Chandler/Queen/Spillane investigators, albeit, with a coloring of the supernatural. Yes, the characters contained in these pages have a life of their own. They have chosen Joe Pulver to tell THEIR story. He's done them justice, and that's a good thing for his sake. Else I wonder his fate should he NOT have told their story in a manner satisfactory to them. Perhaps a messenger of the King, if not the King himself, would have come calling. So, an excellent voice given to a diverse collection of characters. Pull their masks off and read the stories etched on their faces. And should you feel the pain of a twisting knife blade, or a veil of madness begin to settle over you, then you too are a part of the narrative and perhaps in time you will be called home to far dim Carcosa. I know the inhabitants are awaiting Joe. And so is the King.

Thanks, Ran! !!

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