Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another review of BLOOD

Lovecraftian fan and in-the-know E.O.D. member, Martian Anderson, has posted this review.

"A collection of stories ranging from the darkly poetical to the grittily gruesome. This is -- along with the anthology LOVECRAFT UNBOUND and two Sesqua Valley books by W. H. Pugmire -- the best horror book that I've read in 2009. In BLOOD, Joe Pulver fulfills the promise he gave a decade ago in his novel, NIGHTMARE'S DISCIPLE, displaying to the fullest his many facets as a writer. Highly recommended -- and do watch out for future tales from this man."

Thaks, Martin, coming from you that's high praise indeed! !!


  1. I really should write a longer, more detailed review, but that wouldn't change my impression, i.e. this is one bloody good book. :)


  2. Thanks, Martin, and PLEASE write a long review, and post one at Amazon too.