Friday, March 26, 2010

BLACK WINGS arrives! !!

S.T. Joshi's BLACK WINGS is published! Campbell, Cisco, Shea, Barron, Pugmire, Kiernan, [and Me], this is a wonderful Lovecraftain tome.

I do think Lovecraftain will fine much to adore in this collection of new tales.. Did I mention, Campbell, Cisco, Shea, Barron, Pugmire, and KIERNAN are in this book? They are, along w/ many other fine writers.


  1. I was wondering why so many others have copies of the thing -- but not we, ye authors! -- and then I realised that World Horror Convention was in Brighton last month, and that's where the book saw its debut. I am especially anxious to see the beautiful special sign'd edition. Joe, your story in the book is one I began to read, & then I said, "Wait -- I want my first reading of this in ye actually BOOK, not off a screen! I had to read all of the "Pickman"-influenced tales, and I read a few others -- but you and Laird and Cisco and a few others had to wait. We are some lucky dogs to be in that book!!! Howl!!!!!

  2. We are! !! Delighted to be in ti w/ you and the others!!!! YIPPEE!!! Our copies will come. & like you, I can not wait!!!!! We're in HC!! YIPPEE! !! I just hope my tale is not weak-junk compaired to the other "wonders" in this brillaint tome!! ! Kiernan is a goddess! !! Barron genius!! Cisco is a ture ownder of wonders!! & yer pretty DAMNED gOOod too!!!!!