Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thought it was.. .Monday............. ?. ??

I did.

Somehow I keep missing whole days................. . Perhaps sleeping on a regular basis would repair this? ?? But I fear if I start the Muse will take off the gloves - and she kicks me around pretty good so far............ Really don't care to she what she's like w/out them.

Woke up [...yes there was TEA & smokes.. .and Herbie Hancock {acoustic trio}] to discover a RAVE review of TOP at The Stars At Noonday blog
Confess I liked it! !! A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I'll skip the describtion of bEastly dancin' all happy-face giddy]!! And found it humbling.

And on TLO in the CHOMU PRESS thread http://www.ligotti.net/showthread.php?t=4336  I found Brendan Moody had posted this comment. "My review of The Orphan Palace, which also includes a very brief reflection on Chomu Press as of its dozenth book, is here. I don't think I've ever read a novel so thoroughly akin to poetry as The Orphan Palace; like Michael Cisco's The Great Lover, it's a Chomu book I recognize as brilliant but will have to reread, and look forward to rereading, to understand better why it's brilliant. That may sound like empty praise, but it's nothing of the kind."

And for those of you who do not know what TOP is about, or the Chomu Press giveaway, the info is here.


I read another tale in Tremblay's & Langan's CREATURES! !! I'm loving this tome! !! Not even close to being done, but so far they sure as hell got it RIGHT! !! More on this book when I'm done!


Mail arrived and in it was the new issue of "STRANGE AEONS" magazine! #7. As some of you know, I'm a big fan!! Hope yer all reading it!! In the coming months "SA" will release 4 P'uul-yverre chapbooks as special giveaways [nice of 'em don'tcha think?]. The 1st 3 will be my "Russ Myer Triptych" ["The Director’s Cut", "Skin Flick sans Money Shot", "When There’s A Riot Goin’ On…"] and the 4th ["LIES……Thunder……   ashes………….. ."] will be a tale I whipped up just for "SA" and the upcoming HPLFF. I'll be at the fest this time - even if it's just in a wee tome [insert bEastly grin! !!]

Here's the links:



Talked to my pal, Jarred, about a "bEast approved", new KIY product Dagon Industries will be coming out w/ soon. You can find all of DI's niffy products and TONSSSSSSSSS of other goodies at


Well, I guess I'll stop boring the hell out of you and head off to find a new playlist and WORDS~ ~~~~~~~~~ [more babbling on other projects in the pipeline coming from Carcosa East soon]~ As Lin Carter used to say,


yer bEastie

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