Monday, October 24, 2011

Simon Strantzas on TOP

Not sure how it is for others, but for me a new release is a big high . . . and it's a little scary. I keep asking the Muse to let me buy an ego, but she's a harsh mistress and continually says no - just keep yer ass in the chair typing . . . So I do.

One the the major peices of the high are, for me, when writers I respect and admire have kind things to say about my work. That said, here's a writer, a VERY underrated one in my book! !!, who was kind enough to say the following about The Orphan Palace.

The Orphan Palace kicks you in the face and doesn’t stop. Pulver’s prose sees the world through a cracked lense of 60’s hedonism and 70’s grit, with a side order of unshakable terror. A serial killer novel that explores the dark side of America via Kerouac in a shell of cosmic horror. What he does is electrifying. I’ve never seen anything like it. My hair is still standing on end.” -- Simon Strantzas.

Simon is the HIGHLY-acclaimed author of Beneath the Surface and Cold to the Touch [both of which should be on your A-shelf! !!], and he's appeared in venues like The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror (ed. Stephen Jones), and "CD" 

You can find Simon here:

And you can find out more abut TOP [watch the trailer, etc.] and enter the Chomu Press giveaway here:

TOP can be purchased here:

[NOTE: The Book Depository ships world wide for free and takes Paypal]

There will be more news [the Kindle version should be released early next week, etc.] about TOP in the coming days.

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