Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween TREAT[sSS]! !!

While I was down &
                                     out; ;; ill [no; ;; not just my DOOM-sighing brain this time! !!]

                           highly-acclaimed author[!!!!!!!!!!],  Des Lewis [Ol' Weirdtongue hizself, The NEMONYMOUS Man] was doing one of his mind-bending real-time reviews of my new one, The Orphan Palace. As I {rather joyously} read the vocal flights in Weirdtongue, he liked the novel...a....bit.............. .  

AM;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; so glad he did! !!

What did Demonic Des say [as he tried to keep his powder dry]? ?? Go eyeball the thing here

Also,; ,, as a Holloween treat [pt 2], I got an email saying my Easter~Ghoul tale, "Mrs. Spriggs’ Easter Attire", was accepted for editor, Scott Aniolowski's Horror For The Holidays anthology [Miskatonic River Press 2012]

............... yer bEastie likes that! !! bEastly HIGSSssSs to Tara VanFlower [of LYCIA fame!] who kindly co-ed this one w/ me!!
                   She was so utterly~FAB to play CHOMP-CHOMP/BYE~BYE w/ me!!!

Here's the demonic ToC ~ ~~

Horror for the Holidays Table of ContentsIntroduction by Scott David Aniolowski
TALES OF ROSH CHODESHThe Tomb of Oscar Wilde by W.H. Pugmire
TALES OF VALENTINE’S DAYLove and Darkness by Oscar Rios
Be Mine by Brian Sammons
TALES OF PASSOVERCthulhu Mhy’os by Lois H. Gresh
TALES OF EASTERAnd the Angels Sing by Cody Goodfellow
The Last Communion of Allyn Hill by Pete Rawlik
Mrs. Spriggs’ Easter Attire by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. and Tara VanFlower
Seasons of Sacrifice and Resurrection by Adrian Tchaikovsky
TALES OF MOTHER’S DAYMother’s Night by Ann K. Schwader
TALES OF THE FOURTH OF JULYFree Fireworks by T.E. Grau
Doc Corman’s Haunted Palace One Fourth of July by Don Webb
TALES OF VJ DAYTranslator by James Robert Smith
TALES OF HALLOWEENHallowe’en in a Suburb by H.P. Lovecraft
Moonday by Will Murray
The Trick by Ramsey Campbell
TALES OF THE DAY OF THE DEADEl Dia De Los Muertos by Kevin Ross
TALES OF GUY FAWKES NIGHTTreason and Plot by William Meikle
TALES OF REMEMBERANCE DAYThe Dreaming Dead by Joshua Reynolds
TALES OF THANKSGIVINGEntrée by Donald R. Burleson
TALES OF YULEKeeping Festival by Mollie Burleson
Wassail by Tom Lynch
TALES OF CHRISTMASKrampusnacht by Joshua Reynolds
The Christmas Eve of Aunt Elise by Thomas Ligotti
Letters to Santa by Scott David Aniolowski
Keeping Christmas by Michael G. Szymanski
The Nativity of the Avatar by Robert M. Price

bEast LIKESssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! !! Lots of BIG-BIG talented folkS on dat list O bEastiesSS!!! ! CONGRATSsssssssssssssssssssss to all the damn fine contributorssssSSSSSSSSSSSS!! !

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all youse bEastSsssss & bEasteSSes! !!!!!!! Hope it's all TREATsssssssssss fer yas! !!
[soundtrack~ bEastie boys, Spoon, Little Feat, Sam Roberts................... ;]

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