Monday, August 22, 2011

" You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." ~ Ray Bradbury.

Today is Ray's birthday!  He is and will remain one of our most gifted writers!! And I was so thrilled for him -- 91! !! Hot damn! I hope he's good for 90 more! !! . . . Then Liz Hand (another writer w/ gifts as important as air! !!) posted this and bye-bye happy . . .

Are book dying? Will they die? Will writers? ??

You are the reader. Make that THE READER! We sit and write, we dream of sharing w/ YOU! !! I hope you need and want us, I know we NEED YOU! !! How do you keep us breathing, singing? Simple. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! RAGE HARD! !! Tell Ma, tell Pa, and your friends. Write reviews, LIKE books you love, share the links. You have the power to click and send a message . . .

"If" [shuttters] books are dying, you are the heart of the revolution. Your comments count! People and venues like Amazion take notice. And when they do a writer you like, or love, sells another book, and maybe gets to write another book . . . And we need books.


Because if we do not have books we do not have writers--magicians!, and what would happen if we never had Ray? ????  ?????     ???????      ??? ? ???? ???  ? Or a hundred others you can name off the top or your head . . . Think about no Ray, or no Hesse, or no Fowles. No Ellison or Leiber or Zelzny. No Harper Lee. No Brackett.  No Mary Shelly [Just kill me now!] . . . Insert a name you LOVE -- how do you feel?

Books are not luxuries, they are the messengers of FELT and dreams and YOU & I need to dream. W/out our dreams this world is The Abyss.

Please, go LIKE a book, like a writer. SHARE! !! SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!

We are you. We hope we speak for you and to you, and we hope we gift you w/ dreams.

You are the READER! You are the REVOLUTION! BURN! Go out and raise the torch of BOOKS! !!

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