Thursday, August 18, 2011

TOP stuff [Pt. 78.2]

T- 60 days and The Orphan Palace arrives........................

We now have a cover............. . . which I've been posting all over the net :) And Chomu Press have updated the TOP page on their site.

Amazon has added a TOP page as well . . . You can't pre-order it yet, but soon! !!  And it is even listed on Amazon JAPAN -- NEAT! !! Now we just need an Amazon CHINA? ??

She Never Slept will be doing a review of TOP very soon. I'll post the link when it goes up! !! Don't forget there's a contest/giveaway going on at SNS. They have 3 copies of TOP to giveaway. Pop over and see how to win one.

And Ted E. Grau over at "The Cosmicomicon" will be doing a little TOP feature very soon . . .

And a little nightgaunt tells me that one of the best writers of WEIRD fiction, Simon Strantzas, will be stopping by here soon w/ a guest blog, and he just might mention TOP. You are reading Simon, right? If you're not, you sure NEED to be! !!

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