Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pearce Hansen on SIN & ashes

"SIN & ASHES is a scathing collection. Jarring and unsettling from the git go, Joe refuses to allow the comfort of standard story structure to interfere with his assault on the reader."

"I'm in love with this man's work. This is not for you if you prefer bland, `normal' horror writing - but IMHO he is one of the most important voices in the genre today (if you can even impose the term `genre' on a style so personal and sincere). "

How does one say anything after a praise like that? Amazing talents like Tom Ligotti, Laird Barron, Ellen Datlow, Paul Tremblay, Simon Strantzas, [and a dozen others! !!] have praised my work, and I was over the moon --still am!! !-- but this is no less humbling.

Pearce is one of hardboiled’s BEST! His novel, STREET RAISED, is a monster! Dynamic, authentic [and HONEST], vivid to a degree where the words fly off the page like bullets and tears, his novel is an “astonishing” showcase of his awe-inducing talent as a writer.  The last time a hardboiled debut impressed me this much was Will Beal’s L. A. Rex. That another giant would gift me with this kind of praise, well, it leaves me without words. So I’ll just say, thank you.

Doubt I’ll ever get used to praise and I sure as hell do not want to, but I will confess, it makes all those hours (and the fears) worth it!

His full review of SIN is here:

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