Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is NOT yer Daddy's HPL to REH letter ......... NOPE! !!

Once upon a time I sent Gary McMahon my new novel to see if he, should he like it, might give me a blurb...................... Here's his email back~ ~~

Hey, Joe.

I read aout 2 thirds of your novel in the hospital yesterday, while I was waiting for test results. I can't think of a more perfect time to have experienced this: a time that was raw, gut-punhcingly scary, and tettering on the edge of absurdity. Just like the novel. :-)

Anyway, I'm loving it. No: I'm fucking loving it. Amazing stuff.

Here's a blurb before I even finish:

"The Orphan Palace is not a story. With this novel, Joe Pulver wants to press your face right up against the horror, the crime, the sheer madness and absurdity of the cosmos, and rub your nose in it. He wants you to eat it like a dog eats its own vomit; he wants your face to be covered in black-shining stars and rainbow-filth when you're done; he demands that you be changed by what you have consumed. This is not a novel. It is a unique literary experience."

I hope that's okay, my friend...



  1. Wow, tasty words indeed, way to go Joe! Gary is a fab wordsmith and he's done ya' right.

  2. Well crafted and well deserved praise, Joe!