Monday, July 25, 2011

Matt Cardin on Pulver, SIN & ashes, TOP...

"Joe Pulver is like the answer to some arcane riddle: What do you get when you cross one of Plato's Muse-maddened poets with a Lovecraftian lunatic, and then give their offspring to be raised by Raymond Chandler and a band of Beats? His work caters to a literary hunger you didn't even know you had, and does it darkly and deliciously." -- Matt Cardin, author of Dark Awakenings

Some days the inbox has something wonderful [and very humbling] in it.

Thank you, Matt! !!

SIN & ashes [Hippocampus Press]

The Orphan Palace [Chomu Press]


  1. Matt Cardin - the gentleman genius.

    He hit the bEastly nail on the head!

  2. Thanks, Ted. Mighty kind of Matt, and very humbling..................