Sunday, March 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

I welcome this opportunity to commend Joe Pulver as a generous and hard-working individual and as a writer who has distinguished himself for his protean talents which meld a variety of styles and subjects. Given that my own ambitions have focused on supernatural literature, I feel most qualified to comment on Joe’s achievements in this genre. For some time I have admired Joe for the inventiveness of his writing and his aspirations to make his mark among the classic authors in the field of horror fiction—a pantheon that includes H. P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers—as well as integrating his wide reading of works traditionally comprising the myriad canon’s of world literature.

I am proud to regard myself as a peer of Joe’s in our mutual endeavors as practitioners of supernatural writing, or whatever one cares to designate as fiction of unconstrained imagination, especially as we share a like objective to expand the parameters of our chosen mode of artistic expression. In addition, I envy Joe’s unrelenting industrious in this aim. Both in the novel and in the short story form, Joe has demonstrated his mastery, and he stands as one of the few figures among contemporary imaginative writers with a genuine fervor to elevate the standards of what is usually perceived as a strictly popular genre.

Thomas Ligotti

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