Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Richard Gavin

In "Dead Reckoning" # 9 [Hippocampus Press 2011] acclaimed-author Richard Gavin (Omen, Charnel Wine) will be reviewing SIN & ashes. Here's a couple of snippets from his rave review --

"The varied subjects and settings that comprise this book’s vast canvas, coupled with the sheer number of its pieces, make giving a tale-by-tale analysis all but impossible, for Pulver’s work is a gestalt, a tsunami of image and emotion. His words are unfailingly razor-keen, his tone beautiful and horrific at once."

"If you are a reader who seeks lulling escapism, this book offers no such creature comfort. Pulver tales are not the kind of stories one slips into like a warm bath. They are splashes of frigid water, which constantly jar and twist rather than flow headlong. This is what makes Sin & Ashes such a potent volume. Pulver is a writer who takes risks with each story he fashions, which in turn makes reading them exceptionally rewarding."

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