Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accepted and in the pipeline...


“A Meeting On The Trail to Hot Iron” – “Lovecraft eZine” APR 2011
“Reprieve Eve No. 33” – [anthology title and ToC to come]
“The Corpse-eating Cult of Leng” – Robert M. Price, ed. The Secret Heart of Asia
“The Second Wave Of Fear” – Robert M. Price, ed. Beyond the Mountains of Madness
several “tExts” – Mike Dubsich Black Velvet Necronomicon: Curse Book
“…Hungry …Rats” – S.T. Joshi, ed. Spawn of the Green Abyss

AKLONOMICON – co-editor w/ Ivan McCann and:
     4 “tExts” for Mike Dubisch art
     “tExt” for Ann S. Koi art
     “TIME . . . and FOREVER” w/ Tara Vanflower
     “kristamas as an exhibition”
     “Never Call Anubis Loki’s Robots Cheap-Shit” w/ Garrett Cook and Jordan Krall
     Poem w/ Nova Rupertus

“A Hand At The Door” – “Patricide #3”
“the guilt of each… at the end” – Henrik Harksen, ed. Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities
“NO HEALING PRAYERS” - Dead But Dreaming 2 Kevin Ross, ed. [Miskatonic River Press] 2011
“Just Another Desert Night With Blood” - Ellen Datlow, ed. The BEST HORROR of the Year 3 [Night Shade Books] 2011
NIGHT BEGETS - Sarah L. Covert, ed. [Double Feature Press] 2011

The Grimscribe's Puppets - Pulver, ed. [MRP] FALL 2012
A Season in Carcosa - Pulver, ed. [MRP] SUMMER 2012
Further details on these [and other things] as I receive them~ ~~

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