Friday, February 4, 2011

The SINs of Cody Goodfellow...

Cody Goodfellow, author of Radiant Dawn and many other wonders passed this along...

"While everybody else in horror is still aping the shallow visual palette of cinema, Joe Pulver calls down a storm of psychotronic nightmares charged with the evocative depth and relentless pulse of the Devil's music. This isn't a book that wants to be a movie. This is a drug disguised as a book. Spiked with poignant wisdom and poisoned surprises and defiantly shredding expectations of how a story should work, yet SIN & ASHES is not experimental. Joe Pulver knows full well what kind of cerebral explosions his ingredients will produce. SIN & ASHES is an iconoclastic revolt, and a devastating reminder of the unique, unmatchable power of well-wielded words."

I am humbled.

You can find Cody and his riveting books here!

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