Saturday, February 5, 2011

_A Season In Carcosa_ and _The Grimscribe's Puppets_ are coming! !!

I am very proud to announce Miskatonic River Press will be releasing two anthologies I am editing. A Season In Carcosa will be similar in feel and direction to Ellen Datlow’s stunning Lovecraft Unbound, but I’ll be mining the King In Yellow work of Robert W. Chambers. The 2nd book is called, The Grimscribe’s Puppet and will feature all new tributes to weird fiction’s legendary master, Thomas Ligotti. These two books will be released in summer and fall of 2012. The list of names who have agreed to pen tales for these two books is, I feel, breathtaking. More on that as things progress.

With Wilum Pugmire’s upcoming new collection and Kevin Ross’ Dead But Dreaming 2, as well as Scott Aniolowski’s new holiday-themed anthology of new Lovecraftian fiction, Horror For the Holidays, MRP steps to the fore to solidly commit itself to giving readers the finest in Lovecraftian fiction.

Editor’s note: Submissions for the 2 anthologies I’m working on are by invitation only.

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