Friday, February 11, 2011

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Sitting here wishing I was Ellen Datlow. All that vision and skill, man, my respect for her has risen 1,000 fold – and hell, it was monumental before. But I have what I have in my toolbox and I’m over the moon w/ the kind and enthusiastic responses to my invitations to the Carcosa and Ligotti anthologies I’m working on. The fanboy/dreamer/reader in me got up and danced around the room a few times when I received a YES! [Think I might have swooned a couple of times too! !!]

AKLO is just plain fun. A zine that turned into a book and everybody bringing their love of the game. Being among these contributors as they play and laugh gets me high. Nice bunch of folks!! !

Just saw a new Kristamas picture – 1st page of a new tExt jumped up and bit me…… As a muse, KK is a 7,683 on a scale of 1 to 10! !!

Sun’s out. Not used to it… Wonderin’ if it’s legal for me to be up when the sun’s shining…

Just saw the Cap trailer – LIKED! Hey, MARVEL, I’d die to write a Dr. Strange novel!! ! [HA!]
Ditko, talk about a cat w/ mountains of the stuff! !!

Editing 3 books, working on 3 new tales and my next novel… Watching my inbox… Desktop is full. No sleep till Hammersmith – can I take that back?? ?

[soundtrack – Crowded House “Don’t Dream Its Over”, Tim Buckley “Lorca”]

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