Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Innsmouth Free Press' Historical Lovecraft Anthology

Innsmouth Free Press' Historical Lovecraft is still open to submissions...

Here's what I know --

"We are still looking for stories for the anthology and we are still having too many stories set in Europe or the USA in the slush. Victorian is the most popular time period we are getting, and as such, the competition is fierce because we will only take one or two stories in that setting. We also want to see more stories in ancient times and stuff with female protagonists (we got Joan of Arc the other day, but women are definitely missing from the slush pile). I am very interested in seeing stories in pre-colonial Africa, as it's a neglected region.

Though many people are sending stories with Mythos elements (Cthulhu and co.), we are open to anything Lovecraftian, and it need not include an Elder God, but it should evoke or be inspired by Lovecraft."

I have had my Lovecraftian "Western" "A Meeting on the Trail to Hot Iron" accepted [contracts are signed]. I'm looking forward to seeing who comes and plays in the past. More female protagonists & pre-colonial Africa, THAT I'd love to see! !! OK, Scribes, sharpen yer pencils...

Here's a link to more details:

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  1. I'm submitting, with a young, female protagonist set in the Middle East.

    Hell, I need every edge I can get!