Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tea (no Earl Grey today) and cigarettes – yep, same old bEastie. Had ghouls and autumn on my mind . . . Midnight and moonlight. Thought a ghoul tale was soon to follow. Didn’t. Cemetery turned into a front porch. Ghouls became The Black Goat. Grand Funk Railroad and Joe R. Lansdale seemed to be waving at me. Gary Myers & Bob Bloch too . . . Guess that’s why I love the work so much. You hit The Zone (when you're lucky, running), got a few words on your mind, but you never know where “The Story” wants to go.

So, “NO HEALING PRAYERS” goes in the done file.

Guess I can now return to my J-Horror blood-lark, “Movietime . . . with popcorn and . . .”. Zombies & strippers & robovampire assassins . . . Might even be a chainsaw in there somewhere :) . . .

Now where was I? Oh yeah: Madame TaxiderMia (in hot-pink, leather hot pants) enters. Cue the spaghetti western soundtrack of TWANG!, reverb, and blazing Mariachi horns . . .

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  1. Count me in for the popcorn ... both stories sound TOO GOOD to miss :)