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What I did on my HPLFF/GriffinDorm vacation~ ~~


BOB & CODY! !!

Leenie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

SuperSTAR & his bEast at play

Cavey & me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I don’t like flying!
I don’t like flying!
I HATE flying! HATE IT!! ! And 24 hours in planes is pure Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! And UK security was bloody-gotdamn-BS end-to-end! !! But to get to the HPLFF and my friends, I did.
Glad I did! !!
As my dear brothers, SuperSTAR Mike Griffin &
MIKE DAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa-VIS, as doing such detailed [and wonderful!] reports, mine will be short… and boring I’ll post links below.
The H.P. lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con ~ ~~
I did not stay in The Banfield /no-tell motel/ this year. NO! And I did not miss the monsterASS centipedes! !!!!! I had the high privilege of staying at GriffinDorm w/ Mike and his wonderful wife, Lena!!! Mike Davis stayed there as well! We WERE treated like KINGS on retreat in a 5-Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say Mike & Lena are 2 of the warmest, nicest people on the planet is a vast understatement [Add great cooks, generous, and funny too!]. 1st thing I saw in GriffinDorm was a giant package of Cajun trail mix w/ a green bow sitting on the island in the kitchen. CTM is something I dearly miss here and knowing I love it, they’d got it for me. Man was it ever good! [I did bring home the ribbon Lena had put on the bag. It sits on my desk now!!]
Let’s talk about the food for a second. Every meal, in or out, was FAB! SuperSTAR made a big pot of chili – YES, I DID eat 5 massive bowls! Lena made MARVELOUS homemade coleslaw – I think I ate about 2 quarts of it! The whole week was one great meal after another! And Lena made the best baked potato I’ve ever had. Might have been the biggest too…
Weather for the whole week n Portland. PurrFECT everyday!! Clear at night, so I could look up at the AMERICAN nightsky again! Great moon!
Before the con they took me to see a few things outside of Portland. The falls [you can see them in Mike Griffin’s pics in his con reports] were beautiful and there was a ton of hawks around. I loved it!
The night we went to the Lovecraft Bar, my dear old friend Jarred Wallace and his gal, Nancy were there. It was GREAT seeing them!!!!!!!!!!!! Alicia Graves was there too! Great gal!!!!!!!!!!! Evil
J, but great!
For me, the high points of the fest was seeing one friend after the other – it had been a long time in many cases.
So I spent a lot time w/ Bob Price, Mike Davis, Mike & Lena Griffin, Cody Goodfellow, Banshee Ed Morris, Edward Martin III, Kimbo, Ross Lockart, Kelly Young/Brandi aka Stark, Neils Hobbs, Hopfrog, of course!, [delighted to see him on his b-day and give him a bEastly hug], Brian Callahan & his wonderful wife, Gwen, [I’ll never be able to repay them for bringing me to the con!!!], Nick Gucker!!!!!!!!!, Mike Dubisch, Liv Rainey-Smith and her Minion Michael, S.T., Dennis Weiler of F &B [thxxxxxxx for the copy of Worlds of Cthulhu, Dennis!! !], Nkki G, Dominique L, and my brother, Cavey aka Scott Nicolay.
Cavey was snuck in… and yes, Cassilda, the bEast wept tears of JOY! My dear brother standing there! LIVE! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You vants HAPPY, was!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS!
On Saturday, I did a reading w/ Cody & Ed. Absolutely scared to death, I never looked up from the “AtMoM” tribute tale I was reading, and read for 40 minutes. I’d thought Cody or Ed would nudge me when my time was up, but they let me read the whole tale. Felt terrible when it hit me I’d taken up an extra 20 minutes. Nick Mamatas and Molly Tanzer were there for that and my normal stage fright jumped up to HOLY SHIT! To say I’m in awe of both of them and their magical skills as writers is an understatement. Nick was very nice after.
I was on a panel w/ Nick and Cody that went well. Nick was the moderator and did a great job. A couple of times after that, I wanted to talk to him a bit, but my fanboy was in high gear and I passed, fearing I’d just stand there and babble like an idiot.
I talked to Richard Stanley about KIY films. That was pretty great.
I got to meet Steve Kick, the fest Kickstarter donor, who paid to be in a Pulver tale that was featured in the fest newspaper/program guide. I was delighted when Steve told me how much he loved the tale I penned for him.
The Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast w/ Bob & Cody was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob put me and Hopfrog in the devotional he gave. I roared!
Spent some time at the Moon & Sixpence one night, talking to Ross Lockhart abut books. Great guy! Great editor! Wrote a damn fine debut novel, Chick Bassist! & SuperSTAR bought me a scotch, Glenlivet, no ice, no water – my first drink in years!!!!!!!!!! I liked! !! Kelly & Brandi were there, as were Mike Davis & Lena, Cavey & Alicia too. We all had a great time.
Then Cavey had to leave to go home. More hugs and tearssssssssssssssSs. But I got to spend the day w/ him, so I was OVERMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilum brought me a pile of his newer books, including THE TANGLED MUSE. Was I pleased? BET YER ASS! He’s a sweetie! Kelly Young, anther KIY wacko like me, gave me a bottle of his The Tattered King chardonnay. It sits on my desk now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Alicia Graves, another FAB sweetie!! ! got me one of Sam McCanna’s [Skuvy Ink] wonderful Wilum t-shirts!  Nick Gucker gave me the FANTASTIC original art he did for my Current 93 tribute tale, coming in Jordan Krall’s upcoming A MIGHTY SORROW this summer. You want floored & giddy? WAS! AM!!!!!!!!! And Liv gave me the print of her truly-wonderful KIY piece she did for the
Pickman's Apprentice Live Drawing Competition w/ her, Nick Gucker, Lee Moyer, and Mike Dubisch all taking a whack at the KIY [yes, I suggested the theme]. I love all these super-talented folks and it was hard to root for only one!
Cameron Pierce [editor/writer/bizarro/really nice guy!] floored me by telling me I’ll be in his David Lynch tribute anthology, In Heaven, Everything Is Fine, coming later this summer.
I was on a panel that ran over, so I missed most of the live eZine chat on Sunday, but Mike did a great job w/out me.
After the fest was over and we put Mike Davis on a plane to head home to his sweetie and son, or thought we had, Lena, SuperSTAR, and me, went to the beach for the day! Did I like it? LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! We played in the sunshine-lit waves. Hell they were cold, but I had to get my feet wet in that R’lyeh water.
I have always loved the sense of community we Lovecraftians have [hell, I go on and on about it all the time in the “Lovecraft eZne” chats], and at the film fest it was in full-force. Lovely people, that’s what the fest is to me. When you’re around them, yer in heaven and this year the fest was pure heaven.
I could go on here for another 1,200 word, but as I said, Mike and Mike are doing a great job of covering the fest in more detail, so I’ll let you fill in the holes w/ them!  
Did I have a great time w/ my friends and extended family? The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hugsssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to all!! !

a certain bEast

Links for more detailed reports and vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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